(Gawkwire.com) – These are exciting times. Never before has video marketing been so important to an Internet marketer than right now. Video marketing is worldwide and has been growing at a very aggressive pace. Video marketing differs from social media, but is closely related to its brother since a lot of these video sharing sites are… well… social. The social web is growing, and video marketing, although a completely different beast, can still be fueled with social media.

So let’s lay the groundwork for video. Video viewership for videos is HUGE. According to a recent Nielsen press release, they state “An estimated 81 million people, or 63% of the 129 million people who access the Internet via broadband in the US, watch broadband video at home or at work.” The study goes on to say that online video viewership is replacing home television. Also something very interesting that I have found is that globally, China’s 7th most trafficked site is youku.com, a video sharing site in China. YouTube.com is the 3rd most trafficked site in America and the United Kingdom. In Canada, YouTube is the 4th highest trafficked site and the numbers keep going.

There has been some studies done by survey companies that talk about demographics and how much television each generation watches. One was done by IMMI and has some very shocking numbers. The graph below shows some of the stats they found during their survey.

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What types of ads do you see in video?
There are four ad types that are typical ad formats. You have in stream linear post and pre roll, in stream non linear (banner ads or tickers during video), in banner video and in text video (both rich media). The most popular form of advertising for video is going to be the pre and post roll ads. This same technique has been picked up by YouTube and Google Adsense. Rich media however is more dynamic and interactive for the user. Success with your advertising is going to be determined by your video, the content within it, and the demographic you are marketing to.

What are typical responses when viewing a video ad?
According to a survey done in France, the response rate is pretty impressive. 20% of people who saw the video ad actually purchased the product, while 55% of the people who viewed the ad visited the brand’s website. So what this tells us is that video does impact consumer behavior, whether it’s a purchase right away, or it’s a purchase at another date.

Optimize for Video: Video Formats: Some of the most common video formats are going to be your standard WMV, .AVI, .MOV, and .MPG.

Size of Videos: Try to keep your videos well under 100MB. Most sites can take a video submission up to 100MB. Some sites have smaller limits. Sites like Megavideo and YouTube have an uploader feature for larger sized videos. The larger videos take a long time to upload to different video sites. If the file is large, most likely the video is large. See Length of Videos below.

Length of Videos: Try to keep your videos anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes long. Videos that go on for longer than 5 minutes are hard to watch. The video demographic is made up of multi-taskers who are doing a lot at once, so creating a video that is 10 minutes long makes it hard for them to pay attention to the entire thing.

Video Syndication: There are many ways to syndicate your videos. For example, Tubemogul, Video Post Robot, and Video Traffic Assistant are some programs to help you do this. However, it’s automated. There is not much control over your submissions, so I would recommend doing this manually for a greater return. Video syndication can have a powerful impact on your views and your search engine rank if done correctly.

SEO for Video: Rankings for search terms using video is relatively pretty easy. For longertail terms it is a very popular application. However, it can also have great impact on more broader terms. When considering meta tags, descriptions and keywords for your video submission, the best way to go about it is to optimize as you typically would a page you would create on your site. This means utilize keyword researching tools, place your main keyword closer to the beginning of your title, and make sure your description includes your main keywords. When you get to the keywords section, unlike standard meta tag optimization, you want to place more keywords into this section as you can. Experiment with geo targeted terms and you should see a lot of success. For a case study on “SEO for Video,” please check out http://www.hybridsem.com/casestudies/spatube/.

Universal Search: Universal search is a display method within Google’s search results that pulls relevant videos, books, reviews, news and blog clippings into the top of Google’s search results relevant to a searcher’s query. By submitting video and then optimizing the video, it is possible to get the video within the universal search, literally beating your competition for the number one slot.

Link Building: Within your descriptions when you submit a video you can insert a link. It’s important to link to your site to help draw traffic and build inbound links to your site.

Video Content: When creating a video, do your research on the community you are marketing to. If you are submitting a video to YouTube, that video idea might be different than if you submitted to collegehumor.com or DailyMotion. Think about your community and what their needs and interests are when creating your videos.

Blending Social Media With Your Videos:
Social media comes into play when you start working with the individual sites you are submitting videos to. When you submit a video to a site, let’s say YouTube, you are provided many tools on the site in order to market that video. I have been doing a video marketing series over at searchenginejournal.com about how to market on specific video sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, break, etc. It’s a great resource and it grows every week. Please check out these blog entries to learn more about marketing on specific sites.

However, there are many ways to share your content with your friends, share your video with social networking sites you belong to, and bookmark your video to your favorite bookmarking services. As a social media marketer you can use these tools and leverage them with your power accounts and contacts in your social networks and social bookmarking friends.

The results that can occur when leveraging social media marketing are fast and effective. Social media spreads like wildfire and if you are able to leverage it correctly, you can get hundreds of thousands of views to your videos very quickly.

Added benefits to leveraging social media with your video submissions is the actual video ranking within the site you submitted it to. Let’s use YouTube as an example. If you are able to increase the views of a video, increase the ratings on a video, comments and favorite’ing on a video, you are granted what is known as “honors.” You have about 48 hours once you have achieved an honor until it is removed from your account. The higher your honors, the higher you are on the site itself. Pushing a video on YouTube can take days and sometimes weeks. If you continue to push, you can make your way all the way up to featured videos or even the home page of YouTube. This can catapult your video views and provide an enormous amount of brand exposure for your product.

Tracking Conversions:
Being held accountable is key. Showing the proverbial footprints in the sand to your clients is an absolute necessity. So how do you show them the results? If you are an Internet marketer or SEO expert, you will be familiar with running ranking reports, but for the video sites you submit to. Another way to measure your success is to utilize a high level analytical system that measures engagement and conversational marketing. We typically take screen shots of the honors we achieve for our clients on YouTube LIVE as they happen. Often times pushing a video or social piece takes constant watch. More advanced ways of conversions are offering a coupon code in your video so when people make a purchase, they enter in the code and that counts for the video.

Video marketing is not something that you should do on a whim. You must consider production costs, marketing costs, and development costs. Make sure you find a team that knows what they are doing. And find one that can do more than just submit your videos, but rather leads the industry on cutting edge marketing. Video is valid for all businesses. Small, medium, and large companies can experience the benefit from video marketing. The technique is still considered cutting edge, but seeing a return on what you are doing is the bright beacon all businesses are seeking. Video marketing is a results-driven marketing technique that more businesses should be exploring and testing.

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