Beverly Hills, CA ( Leading home theater and consumer electronics news and review site,, is out with a lead story that sheds light on the often seedy world of pornography and how that industry once again is leading the way with home video content – now with high definition video for Blu-ray and HD downloads. This time the adult entertainment industry may not just reshape the lucrative world of mainstream home video, they could redefine the mainstream Hollywood theatrical business model.

"People forget that without the support of the adult industry that VHS was unlikely to beat out Beta as a leading home video format a generation ago, and that without VHS there wouldn’t be a home theater market like we know today," says publisher Jerry Del Colliano. "Adult content was key in DVD-Video getting over 91 percent U.S. household market penetration and is now helping Blu-ray get over 15 percent penetration just one year after the Blu-Friday format war victory at CES 2008. Beyond Blu-ray as the current HD home video format, the adult industry is pushing limits for HD video downloads from the Internet which represents the future of Hollywood, not just the San Fernando Valley."

Today, over 500,000 people pay $1 extra per month to get high definition content on Blu-ray discs from leading online rental house Netflix. Netflix doesn’t rent adult content, sticking with more traditional and less "blue" content for its subscribers.

Clearly, there is a lot for the adult industry to learn and experiment with in terms of lighting, make-up, sets and especially talent. Many of today’s titles define the term TMI or "too much information", but in time this multi-billion dollar industry likely will find the sweet spot for the next frontier of its content.

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