(Gawkwire) – Ultra Electronics AEP Networks, the provider of trusted security, has announced the launch of Ultra Safe Keyper Plus, the first FIPS 140-3 level 4 ready hardware security module (HSM) and a  new addition to its Keyper range. The Keyper range of products has been developed to support the highest levels of security available, providing the ultimate level of protection for businesses dealing with even the most sensitive data and information systems. The range is ideally suited to organisations deploying cryptographic systems, for certificate signing, code or document signing, bulk generation or ciphering of keys or data.

In these types of highly secure environments where the protection of cryptographic keys is essential, traditional security solutions are not enough and a separate HSM is required. The Keyper Plus product has been developed to support the international standard algorithm Suite B including elliptic curve (ECDSA, ECDH). The HSM’s high assurance, tamper reactive mechanisms defend intellectual property rights, assets and reputation through strengthened security keys, and processes. A unique additional feature includes the separation of Crypto Officer and Security Officer roles, to clearly delineate the responsibilities of key back up, restoration and deletion to the Crypto officer, from the configuration and management of the HSM itself to the Security officer.

The Keyper range is built around AEP Networks unique next generation flexible crypto platform that provides the highest level of hardware and software assurance (FIPS 140-3, Level 4 Ready), with tamper-reactive erasure of keys when hostile interference is detected. Based on this core technology, AEP Networks has built a product to cater to the highest assurance requirements of the PKI, VPN and DNSSEC markets, such as online content providers, gaming companies, validation/certification authorities and internet domain name organisations, particularly where Suite B or elliptic curve cryptography is emerging as an industry standard requirement.

Mark Darvill, Chief Technology Officer at AEP Networks commented: “Organisations are facing an uncertain time; the security landscape is rapidly evolving and sensitive data is increasingly coming under attack. Security technologies need to evolve with these threats providing higher levels of protection. Organisations responsible for identity assurance (signing/validation) in particular, need to be certain their data is safe.”

Mark Darvill continued: “The Keyper Plus HSM, provides the highest levels of security available, providing organisations with the assurance that the cryptographic keys they manage are stored in a totally secure environment.”

Key features

         Design – fully integrated module with smart card reader, PIN entry and cryptographic processing within a single device

         Scalability – up to 16 modules can be connected to multiple hosts. Not only this but firmware and algorithms can be upgraded in the field

         Manageability – choice of user interfaces are available, including host PKCS#11 and Microsoft CAPI interfaces, with Microsoft CNG support pending. Its small footprint allows desktop use or rack mounting for ease of use in the enterprise space. It also features drivers for GNU Linux, Free BSD, Solaris and Windows

         Connectivity – connected via Ethernet offering greater scalability and flexibility. The HSM has comprehensive fault tolerance, maintaining connectivity under the most demanding of circumstances

The Keyper hardware security module is available in three main models offering various levels of scale, performance & functionality: Professional, Enterprise & Plus (Elliptic Curve). For more information, please visit: http://www.aepnetworks.com/

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