(Gawkwire) – The AppsGeyser team has recently been contemplating the notion of adding additional tab icons to their free online app creator utility. Through consultation with top app developers, a need was determined. AppsGeyser is proud to announce the release of over 1300 tab icons, split into 31 categories for user convenience. The categories include; Greek letters, English letters, Christmas, Countries & Regions, Food, Play, Medical, Music, Nature, Navigation and News.

The introduction of additional tab icons to the AppsGeyser free app maker enables diversity when creating tabs; it personalizes the app, and enhances the user experience. Initially, only a small number of icons were made available, but soon the need for additional icons became apparent. Tab icons are an important part of an Android app, allowing the user to know which app function each tab provides. With the introduction of additional icons the Tab becomes more accessible to the user because the explanation of the tab is clearer through the provision of a more relevant icon. The AppsGeyser team recommends that you try different Tab Icons to see how the click through rate to the relevant website increases.

Android app creator John Miller recently changed his tab icons after his app was released, and told us; "Initially I decided to look at the new app icons because I was curious, and decided to change one icon on one of my four tabs. I could not believe that within two days five times as many people were using that tab!"

AppsGeyser Co-founder Vasily Salomatov, said "We’d noticed that our developers felt very limited by the small number of possible icons for their tabs, and we thought it was very important to give them more options. We’ve seen that more users seem to look at other tabs now that it’s easier to see what content each tab has."

About AppsGeyser

AppsGeyser, launched in February 2011, is a fast growing Android app creation platform. AppsGeyser enables users to create apps for Android devices from any web content in under five minutes. AppsGeyser has seen more than 185,000 apps created on its platform. There have been more than 65 million of its apps.

For more information, please visit: http://www.appsgeyser.com/

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