(Gawkwire) – AppsGeyser permits users to create an app with its Android app making tool platform in a few simple steps. The ease of use has encouraged this app making platform to be perceived as the best free app making tool platform in the industry. However, being the most successful app making tool provider is not enough for AppsGeyser.

The team at AppsGeyser wants to ensure that apps made with their app making platform are successful so they have created a Road to Success plan for all app makers to use. The Road to Success has been derived from data collated from successful app makers in recent months. The idea behind this plan is to ensure that new app makers are aware of the steps required to create not only an Android app, but a successful app.

AppsGeyser Android app maker, Ron Small, told us: "I was not aware of the steps required to create a successful app, all I thought you needed to do was to create an app and publish it to GooglePlay. I have since created three new apps following the path and I am astounded at what a difference it has made to my app downloads and usage ratio."

AppsGeyser Co-founder Vasily Salomatov, explained, "Creating an Android app is not a difficult task, what is difficult is ensuring that people are downloading and using the apps. This is why we decided to create a Road to Success plan for our app makers. We want to see our app makers create successful apps.”

About AppsGeyser

AppsGeyser, launched in February 2011, is a fast growing Android app creation platform. AppsGeyser enables users to create apps for Android devices from any web content in under five minutes. AppsGeyser has seen more than 334,000 apps created on its platform. There have been more than 199 million downloads of its apps.

For more information, please visit: http://www.appsgeyser.com/

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