NY Todd Fabacher, 25+ year programmer and father of a son with autism, andLiveCode launched a program to teach and mentor 3,000 individuals with autism to code apps and become professional software developers. “We will offer a $900,000 gift in software licenses for the 3,000 who sign-up for the course,” said LiveCode CEO Kevin Miller.

LiveCode’s autism program partners are Autism Initiatives, TheAutisticSociety and Specialisterne. The UN WorldWide Autism Day April 2 Event theme is: “Employment: The Autism Advantage” which challenges companies and organizations to offer vocational training and employment to individuals with autism. Specialisterne will present the initiative there with LiveCode representatives in attendance to answer questions.

LiveCode’Indiegogo’s crowd funding campaign, “Empower Individuals with Autism Through Coding” begins today. More details here: www.livecode.com/autism

“Knowing that only 56% graduate high school and 80% remain unemployed or underemployed cannot continue. Many on the autism spectrum have heightened abilities in pattern recognition and a keen attention to detail. As a programmer, I know these are perfect skills for jobs in technology. This is my year to really make an impact for my son and so many others, “said Fabacher.”

About LiveCode:

LiveCode is a fun easy-to-use programming language written in English-like syntax. It’s unique in that apps can be built across major platforms like Windows, MaxLinux and on devices such as IPhoneIPadsAndroids and to create websites.

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