(Gawkwire) – The Weebly community will now be able to experience an enhanced blogging experience with the help of the new version of Chatwing chat box. This chat application is the by-product of the perseverance and dedication of the Chatwing development team. The tool has certain notable features, such as social media integration, ease of access, high customization rate, and improved adaptability. The Chatwing chat tool can also maintain global connectivity for long periods of time.

The Chatwing chat box may be similar to other applications out there, but it is noted for its simplicity and adaptability in various online communities. Internet marketers have used the widget to promote their products and services. Blog owners, however, have seen the worth of the Chatwing tool when it comes to the improvement of blog visibility. Based on the observation of some bloggers, their blogs had a notable visibility spike of 55% after using the chat widget for about a week. Many bloggers have also benefited a lot from the chat tool’s social media integration feature. Now, guests and visitors can log in with their Facebook and Twitter accounts, allowing them to expand their social networks.

The Chatwing dev team has experimented on different upgrades in order to make the shoutbox run faster and maintain stable connection for a long time. The new version of Chatwing also has a capacity of 600 users. The team is planning to upgrade the capacity to 1000, in order to provide better website-oriented communication for everyone.

Chatwing’s research team is also contacting a lot of Weebly bloggers in order to get their reactions and comments. This is to ensure that the team is satisfying Weebly bloggers and website creators. Additionally, the Chatwing team is dedicated in creating an entertaining website chat experience for bloggers and web surfers.

About Chatwing.com

Chatwing is a free live chat web based application for any web page online. Chatwing is very popular among blogs and websites who want to add an interactive element. The ability to let users communicate in real-time chat provides websites numerous advantages. Chatwing shoutbox also includes deep Facebook and Twitter integration. Allowing users to login to the chatwing chatbox with Facebook, Twitter, or as a guest is another great feature for websites. Chatwing website chat is 100% free. It takes seconds for anyone to create a chatwing chatrooms account and customize the chat box and embed it onto any web page. Visit Chatwing.com for a live example and to sign up today.

For more information, please visit: http://chatwing.com/

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