(Gawkwire.com) – Linxter, Inc., provider of the Linxter cloud messaging platform, today announces the beta release of its Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Java programming language and its SDK for Google’s mobile operating system, Android. Already supported on Microsoft’s .NET platform, Linxter is a cloud middleware platform that enables developers to quickly and affordably connect distributed applications and integrate distributed systems. The Linxter SDKs, along with sample code and video tutorials, are available at http://linxter.com.

Using Linxter, developers can implement secure, reliable data exchange over the Internet for a variety of needs, such as: the bridging of on-premise software with cloud assets, remote monitoring and control of servers and devices, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, smart grid implementations, and multi-player gaming. Linxter takes care of all the communication plumbing – including the infrastructure and coding complexities – so that developers can focus on the core value proposition of linking distributed apps and systems instead of the requirements needed to connect them.

"Mobile app development is inherently more complex than the server-side, especially when you have a requirement for reliable distributed communication,” said Jared Stehler, CTO of Boston-based Fiesta Cabin. “The powerful Linxter API provides us with such a platform, including essential features for mobile, like offline message queuing and reliable delivery, right out of the box. And since everything is hosted in the cloud, you get the scalability you need when your app goes viral. Linxter enables us to deliver engaging user experiences without concentrating on the communication plumbing in the back-end."

“We are seeing tremendous growth in the cloud messaging space, and with the release of our Java and Android SDKs we expect that growth to further accelerate,” said Jason Milgram, CEO of Linxter. He also added, “As more and more apps become mobile or are moved to the cloud, companies are demanding the enterprise class security and reliability of traditional message-oriented middleware systems for them. Linxter provides such a platform at a fraction of the cost, and can be implemented in a fraction of the time.”

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