(Gawkwire.com) Linxter has announced CloudMiddleware, an online directory for developers wanting to consume and provide cloud services that use Linxter and public APIs.

The cloud services available at CloudMiddleware.com are traditional web services (web APIs) that have been wired with Linxter, a communication platform that connects distributed applications and systems via message-based data exchange.

When traditional web services are wrapped with Linxter, they can be consumed securely and reliably, regardless of the number of intermediary networks involved and regardless of whether or not those networks are secure. Additionally, traditional headaches are eliminated for both the developers who build and expose web services and for the developers who consume them.

Linxter takes care of common technical barriers so developers don’t have to. With just a few method calls (no specialized coding), developers can take advantage of all that the Linxter platform has to offer, such as: message polling, transactional queues, X.509 message encryption, authentication and authorization, internet connection retries, non-repudiation, and file chunking.

For developers who wish to publish their own cloud services on CloudMiddleware.com, a Linxter account is required to either quickly enhance existing web services or create new services. For developers wishing to consume cloud services, CloudMiddleware.com currently offers OnlineCount and AvailableToPlay.

As their names suggest, OnlineCount is a service that Linxter developers can use to determine how many people using the same application are online, and AvailableToPlay is a service that Linxter developers can use to determine who is online and available to play. Both services were created for Linxter enabled game applications, but can be used for a variety of other applications.

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