(Gawkwire.com) The world’s most comprehensive internet privacy and security product, ConnectinPrivate.com, has today launched in the UK. The company, which can provide UK surfers with completely anonymous and non-traceable offshore browsing and email accounts, has packages offering complete privacy from £4.99/month.
ConnectinPrivate.com works by creating a VPN (Virtual Private Network) between computers and smartphones in the UK and ConnectinPrivate.com’s completely secure and anonymous servers in Canada. Privacy laws in Canada mean that ConnectinPrivate.com is not obliged to keep logs of its customers’ internet history or sites visited, and their VPN creates a ‘private  tunnel’ between each UK customer’s computer and Canada. Anonymity is, therefore, 100% guaranteed.
Aside from anonymous browsing, ConnectinPrivate.com offers secure offshore e-mail accounts, the world’s most comprehensive ‘PC Cleaner’ software and Mobile VPNs, which allow secure browsing and email on most mobile devices. Also available for business customers are secure, offshore web conferencing facilities. No other product in the UK offers this comprehensive package of protection.
Smartphone support is currently available for the iPhone and Windows Mobile devices – meaning that wherever they are, users of these devices can connect via a secure VPN tunnel to ConnectinPrivate.com’s Canadian servers to surf and e-mail completely anonymously on the move. Mobile VPNs are also available for corporate intranets.
ConnectinPrivate.com can even add privacy and security to your existing email account, without the need to change your domain name. ConnectinPrivate.com can also, however, create a new domain name of your choice for you.
ConnectinPrivate.com works on fixed or wireless broadband networks and is of particular benefit for those using public wireless hotspots where it is easy to clone an identity. While surfing online, your IP address, operating system, browser type, and the last pages you visited are all recorded and can be used to observe your activities and build a profile about you. Criminals, companies and scores of official and unofficial agencies all like to build up a picture of your online activities.
“To say that you are exposed is an understatement,” said James MacDonald, Network Architect at ConnectinPrivate.com. “Just by browsing the internet and sending emails and texts without taking precautions to protect yourself, you’re offering free information to anyone that wants it. ConnectinPrivate.com, from today, offers the most comprehensive package on the UK market to help you escape this gaze. Whoever you’re trying to protect yourself from, whether it’s internet fraudsters or your own family, ConnectinPrivate.com will be your best friend.”
VPN, Mobile VPN, PC Cleaner –   £4.99/month
VPN, Mobile VPN, PC Cleaner + Offshore eMail & SMS –    £5.99/month

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