(Gawkwire.com) – Data Subsystems, Inc. announced that it had chosen E-solutions Corporation for the South East USA Data Center. Being an information technology company Data Subsystems, Inc. focuses on business software development, websites design and development, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, hosting and server administration services. It provides complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business solutions including software, installation and integration services with further support. Data Subsystems, Inc. has an experienced team of system administrators that thoroughly choose data centers for the clients’ systems and web site servers, as data centers are the key component of reliable and uninterrupted performance. The company uses multiple centers all over the country to provide the best accessibility to the sites from any part of the United States and it is working on geographically based load balancing system to provide the fastest end-user connectivity with minimal latency time

“We are committed to maximize content delivery performance to the end users of our clients” commented Data Subsystems, Inc. president Alex Shortov, “With modern data centers like E-solutions we can be sure that our systems have robust foundation. We have chosen this data center to become a part of our geographically optimized load balancing system and serve the end users from south east”.

Data Subsystems uses the Tier – 3 E-Solutions state-of-the-art data center that is located in Tampa downtown Park Tower Building at 400 North Tampa Street as a south east collocation facility. The redundant bandwidth of this data center is very reliable and does not have any packet losses. The center has direct connections and BGP sessions with multiple Tier-1 and Tier -2 internet providers including Level3 Communications, Global Crossing, Bright House and FPL. The use of BGP protocol ensures that the traffic is routed through the fastest connection, and if any of the providers has a problem, the traffic will be automatically rerouted to another one. For the power supply the center is connected to two independent power grids for that are protected by parallel N+1 UPC systems able to supply 100% data center power needs. On top of that there are two redundant power generators installed in the building to ensure full redundancy even during long power outages. Each one of these generators alone is powerful enough to satisfy all data center needs. It’s able to sustain 72 hour power outages without any service interruptions. Data center is staffed 24x7x365 with professional technicians that are constantly monitoring the systems, performing vulnerability scans and making sure everything is working smoothly. Data Center Security is also at the top level with integrated surveillance video cameras, security cards and code entries.

“High levels of power redundancy, network connectivity and security measures give this data center an impressive reliability that our clients and end users enjoy” summarized Alex Shortov.

For more information about Data Subsystems, Inc. visit www.datasub.com

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