(Gawkwire.com) – Facebook has taken great pains to shut down the folks who abuse the Facebook advertising platform.  Yet, for every 100 spammy ads rejected, one gets through.

And so the spammer has an incentive to submit thousands upon thousands of ads, knowing that some will make it through. Take a look at this scam above:

This ad is running on Facebook.  Using WWE’s own logo, it ooks like it’s legit, asking you to take a quiz: but it’s not WWE.  And WWE has no affiliation with these folks, nor do they make any money.  Instead, the spammer is posing as the brand, hoping that folks who don’t read the fine print will fall for the quiz.  To the defense of spammers who will jump and claim that this isn’t spam because the $9.99 price is hidden in fine print on the page, or that there are more egregious examples of misleading advertising in the offline world– I’d offer this:

• Of the folks who had to submit a PIN number to get their quiz results, how many unknowingly got charged?
• How many of them are under 18 years old, which aligns with the WWE demographic of kids?
• How many bills are being paid for by the parent, as opposed to kid who has that phone?
• How much money is that spammer making by running such ads?

Facebook is a place for brand trust, where people go to connect with their real friends and authentic entities that they trust.  But it doesn’t take much for an idyllic environment to be tarnished by the presence of others who wish to make a quick buck at your expense.

So if you see such ads, please “dislike” them — hit the X button in the top right corner. With enough dislikes, that ad will get flagged for internal review.  Enough disapprovals,  and that advertiser’s account is shut down.

Of course, the spammer can just create another account with another name and credit card.  But at least we’re doing our part to prevent there from being a total spamfest on Facebook.  When you report such ads, think of it like doing community service.

Now we wait for the spammers to come in and attack…

Dennis Yu is CEO of BlitzLocal, a boutique firm specializing in Facebook marketing.  He is an international speaker and author,  having presented at HostingCon, SMX East, SMX West, Affiliate Summit, National Public Radio, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur Magazine, and others.  You can reach him at dennis@blitzlocal.com.


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