(Gawkwire.com) DNS Made Easy has recently announced additional capacity to all European nodes in early 2010. Since 2003, DNS Made Easy has remained an industry standard for IP Anycast DNS service and has been the fastest growing IP Anycast provider since the company’s inception. DNS Made Easy currently provides authoritative DNS service for more domains than any other enterprise DNS provider in the world.

DNS Made Easy“Providing 100% DNS uptime for the past 8 years is something that we are very proud of at DNS Made Easy,” states Steven Job, President of Tiggee, the parent company of DNS Made Easy. “We are looking to expand our dominant position as being the IP Anycast DNS leader by increasing our capacity and redundancy in all of our European data facilities by early February 2010. Increasing performance for our current users is part of the many exciting tasks that we have in store for DNS Made Easy and Tiggee in 2010.”

DNS Made Easy started deploying their servers on IP Anycast networks in 2003. The decision that Tiggee made to move to an IP Anycast network was unprecedented at the time and shocked the industry as DNS Made Easy was able to offer services at a fraction of any IP Anycast competitor and offer the industry’s leading ROI at the same time. “We are still excited today to offer the best possible ROI in the DNS industry and become the standard of IP Anycast services,” stated Steven Job. “Continuing to increase our network infrastructure just shows the internal dedication that DNS Made Easy has at maximizing all of our services to reach the maximum ROI for our clients.”
DNS Made Easy has stated that it is only because of their history in offering IP Anycast DNS services that they are able to increase network performance now. “As one of the original IP Anycast services we were revolutionary in offering such enterprise services at prices that all organizations can afford,” stated Steven Job. “Everyone at Tiggee had to work hard to figure out ways to offer services that were a percent of any other IP Anycast DNS provider. Removing bloated sales staffs and the idea of commission based sales were two ways we were able to reduce costs heavily. After five years of offering IP Anycast services there is still no other IP Anycast DNS provider that has come close in reaching the ROI that we have achieved for our clients. The exciting part for DNS Made Easy and Tiggee is just starting as many of our original multi-year contracts with our providers are now ending. We plan to reallocate our resources with those old contracts to maximize our client’s investment in our services.”

More information about the DNS Made Easy service is available at www.dnsmadeeasy.com.

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