(Gawkwire) – EuroCloud, European non-profit organization promoting cloud computing, uses ISL Groop web conferencing software which allows the international team of EuroCloud board members to organize their board meetings online and discuss the open issues at any time. ISL Online, selected among three best cloud services in December 2011 at EuroCloud Europe Awards, has now offered its services for free to all EuroCloud organizations and their member companies.

Web conferencing software is an indispensible tool for an organization like EuroCloud, where board members come and work from different European countries and geographical distances represent a major barrier for frequent face-to-face communication. “A year ago we have started using ISL Groop web conferencing and since then it has become a very useful tool. Each time we have to discuss executive issues we simply meet online in a web conference. It increases our productivity and definitely saves a lot of travel costs,” explains Maurice van der Woude, General Director of EuroCloud Europe.

ISL Groop is a web-based service and no registration is required. Participants receive their invitation through an email and can join the online meeting by only one click. ISL Groop web conferencing allows audio and video conferencing, screen sharing and sending text messages. “We intend to use ISL Groop also at EuroCloud day, the event coming up in the first half of this year. We shall connect auditoriums full of participants around the Europe through ISL Groop and share audio, video and live screen among them”, adds Mr. van der Woude. All online conferences will be recorded and archived for later use and available to anyone who would like to playback a particular web conference, including audio and video streams, chat messages and live screen.

Free for EuroCloud members

ISL Online has offered its cloud-based communication tools for free to all EuroCloud organizations and their member companies. Interested companies can sign up for an ISL Online account and use remote desktop support, remote access, live chat and web conferencing software for free until 1st July 2012.

Besides, ISL Online is proposing collaboration to other cloud providers and enablers within EuroCloud. ISL Online is willing to provide complete integration of its communication tools into existing cloud services completely free of charge. This way independent software vendors can add a remote support tool or a live chat to their existing service and increase the market appeal of their basic service.

All EuroCloud companies interested in either of two offers are welcome to contact ISL Online at info(at)eurocloud(dot)si

About ISL Online

ISL Online (http://www.islonline.com) provides SaaS-based remote access, remote desktop, live chat and web conferencing solutions to quickly, simply and securely connect millions of internet-enabled devices across the globe –Windows, Mac or Linux computers, smartphones and tablets. Designed for consumers, mobile professionals and IT organizations, ISL Online’s solutions empower over 120.000 business users like Konica Minolta, IBM and IDEXX to create more than 5 million sessions yearly.

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