(Gawkwire.com) Google has recently announced that it is considering allowing its users to control results by rearranging and commenting on them.

Tests of this new concept have already been ran publically on search-results pages. A couple new features include up and down arrows next to links, as well as buttons that allow users to comment on the results.

Ben Gomes, a Google Distinguished Engineer, says "At this point, I can’t say what we expect from this feature; we’re just curious to see how it will be used," in Google’s blog on Tuesday.

Although the feature was never reveled by Gomes, a screenshot of the test pages also reveals "x" buttons have been placed next to search results to allow users to remove them from view.

If Google decides on incorporating these new features into the site, it would be a significant new development that allows users to interact with the search engine and its results.

Google seems to be reacting to the constant critisism that the search engine relys too much on mathematics and not enough on user feedback to contribute to result rankings and evaluations. This reaction however is just a new experiment in the eyes of Google and testing will continue on the new concept.

Gomes went on to say,"We test almost everything, even things that you would think are so small that we could not possibly care — nor could they possibly matter. In fact, small changes do matter, and we do care."

Reports say that Google declined to comment any further on Gomes’ posting, so no more information about the products development stages and "how it works" could be gathered.

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