(Gawkwire) – Green Hat, a global testing technology leader, today announced the availability of its advanced application virtualization solution in two editions. GH VIE (Virtual Integration Environment) eliminates dependencies on third party applications and systems without the need for coding.

Testing teams can create and modify virtualized applications without recourse to developers, putting the testers in control, enabling shorter test cycles and a faster time to market.

GH VIE is available in two versions; GH VIE Essentials is included within each copy of Green Hat’s test automation tool, GH Tester, and includes codeless application virtualization, hard-coded responses, data-driven responses (such as spreadsheets, databases and files), and support for functional testing. For more complex demands, GH VIE Advantage is an additional product that seamlessly integrates with GH Tester to provide remote execution, virtualization of databases, a library of rich behaviors, rules and domain data model support, advanced environment management and more.

President and CTO Peter Cole commented, “We are pleased to help customers accelerate their time to market, both for their internal integrated world, and for the new world as they begin the move to the Cloud. As companies demand to be more agile, the complexity of establishing an appropriate environment in which to perform testing has become the new barrier. GH VIE demolishes this barrier by enabling test execution, anytime, anywhere. Testers can control complex virtualized behavior simply by using their existing knowledge of a spreadsheet application, for example. Not all customers have the same testing needs and that is why GH VIE is available in two versions. They can start reaping virtualization benefits fast with GH VIE Essentials, and then easily move to GH VIE Advantage should their requirements become more extensive. GH VIE’s simplicity is already receiving positive feedback from customers and partners who recognize its unique handling of environments and data modelling for example”.

About Green Hat

Green Hat is a testing technology leader, operating worldwide with a Global 2000 customer base. Green Hat makes automated testing simple for complex systems relying on Cloud, Web Services, messaging, SOA (Service Orientated Architecture), ESB (Enterprise Systems Bus), BPM (Business Process Management), CEP (Complex Event Processing), SAP and other distributed technologies.

To find out more about Green Hat’s products and solutions go to http://www.greenhat.com

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