(Gawkwire) – One of the biggest challenges for companies with Big Data is getting real time answers from highly computational operations – particularly on live, high-velocity streaming data. GridGain Systems develops scalable, distributed in-memory compute and data grid technologies designed to address Big Data’s toughest challenges – including real-time streaming distributed computing.

GridGain has just released a new update for its “Compute Grid” product, the #1 Java-based In-Memory MapReduce platform in the world. Compute Grid is a critical component for high performance applications developed around finance, e-commerce, advertising, social and gaming networks, science, and numerous other industries. The product significantly speeds very large computational processes on terabytes to petabytes of live data.

GridGain’s Compute Grid product was developed to deliver real time, distributed, low-latency, in-memory processing of live data streams and data already stored in relational, non-relational and/or Hadoop HDFS-based environments. In essence, GridGain has taken the Hadoop MapReduce paradigm (splitting large computational tasks into smaller parallelizable pieces) to a whole new level, with the world’s fastest implementation highly optimized for in-memory, distributed and parallel operations on virtually any amount of data – hundreds to thousands of times faster than traditionally architected systems and disk-based operations.

GridGain’s Compute Grid edition offers the world’s fastest MapReduce implementation, the ability to automatically scale processing resources from one to thousands of servers, capacity to handle terabyte to petabyte data volumes, with orders-of-magnitude better performance, and can operate on any combination of cost efficient public and private cloud-based hardware resources.

About GridGain Systems

GridGain is an innovative, experienced technology company offering scalable, distributed, in-memory compute and data grid products grown from open source roots and matured by more than seven years of research and development. GridGain technologies support over 500 enterprise customers and thousands of proven deployments. The company also provides professional services, support and training around the world. Learn more at http://www.gridgain.com and follow GridGain on Twitter @gridgain.

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