(Gawkwire) – idcloak Technologies has published an article explaining the benefits of SSL encryption-a protocol which provides a layer of security to HTTP Internet connections. The article, titled ‘What Use are HTTPS Proxy Sites to Me?’, is the second part in a series discussing the application of SSL encryption and HTTPS proxies in depth.

Connor Mills, web researcher at idcloak, provided some insight relating to the added security of SSL encryption, “HTTPS proxy services provide users with an SSL encrypted tunnel to transit all their sensitive browsing information.

“SSL is the most commonly used form of transport encryption, and has gained widespread popularity through its known versatility, making it the go-to protocol for payment service companies such as PayPal, eBay and Amazon, and this goes for sites that require login information as well.

“The HTTPS proxy service protects users from online security threats designed to intercept valuable information by gaining access to the data while it is en route. This service also makes it difficult for cyber criminals to locate an anonymous proxy user’s IP. Hiding one’s IP address is quite important for security conscious Internet users. Hackers simply cannot target a victim’s computer without an IP address.

“However, there are some downsides to using HTTPS proxies, even with their SSL encryption. These proxies will not work on any application that is running outside of the browser and the connection tends to be rather slow, especially if users are overloading the server.

“The most reliable alternative to proxies for unblocking and security needs is a quality VPN service with bandwidth specifically allocated to each user. This will allow users to access an alternative IP address without the slow user experience that is often associated with crowded free HTTPS proxies. An additional benefit of a VPN, is that it protect all Internet traffic from application running outside of the browser”.

Through idcloak’s website, users can access an HTTPS proxy list that is updated daily, ensuring that they are fresh and still functioning. These will help users bypass minor privacy and unblocking issues.

idcloak is a Dallas provider of web management services which deliver privacy, security and freedom from restrictions online. Visit idcloak.com to learn more.

For more information, visit: http://www.idcloak.com/learning-center/what-use-are-https-proxy-sites-to-me/a909.html

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