(Gawkwire) – Reddit is a popular social networking site that has been around since 2005. But what exactly is Reddit and how can it be used for business and lead generation? ‘Social Media In 7 Minutes’ has created a report called "How to Use Reddit" and is available at http://www.socialmediain7minutes.com/what-is-reddit/.

‘Social Media In 7 Minutes’, created by Black Box Social Media in Austin, Texas, is a do it yourself, how to, social media marketing company with over 60 step by step video trainings on how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. In addition, ‘Social Media In 7 Minutes’ has also created their own social media dashboard, which allows users to manage their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, messages, groups, and more from just one location… in 7 minutes a day.

"One benefit of learning how to use Reddit is that it can help to spread your brand across dozens of social networks that Reddit is associated with such as Facebook and Twitter," says Social Media In 7 Minutes Co-Creator Nick Bridges. "And you know what happens when your content is streamed over a good many social networks right? In turn it increases your search engine presence across the board."

With all the recent updates to Google’s search rankings algorithms, like the Panda and Penguin updates, social media is becoming a larger part of proving to Google that content is relevant.

For more information on how to recover from Google Penguin, click here.

Search engines want to rank articles higher that are not ‘spammy’ and social interaction is a great way of showing that content is useful. Sites like Reddit can assist in improving SEO benefits.

For more information on Reddit and social media marketing in general, visit the Social Media In 7 Minutes official blog page at http://www.socialmediain7minutes.com/category/social-media-blog/

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