(Gawkwire) – M-Files Inc., the developer of M-Files easy document management software and the cloud-based document management service M-Files Cloud Vault, today announced the availability of M-Files for NetSuite, a leading cloud ERP and financial software suite. The integration of M-Files into NetSuite eliminates paper filing, improves reporting accuracy, and provides a permanent electronic record for any ERP, CRM or financial event.

NetSuite enables companies to manage core business operations in a single system, which includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and eCommerce. M-Files for NetSuite improves productivity and reduces errors by making all relevant documents, such as invoices, purchase orders, financial statements, inventory sheets and shipping forms, and so on, instantly available from within NetSuite. In addition, version history and check-in/check-out ensure access to the latest up-to-date documents while also facilitating team collaboration and data security by efficiently managing access to documents that are edited by multiple team members.

“NetSuite is a very popular and effective solution for managing business operations but it’s not designed to manage documents,” said Greg Milliken, president of M-Files Inc. “Documents are a critical component of the business operations and functions managed with NetSuite, so handling them efficiently improves the overall ROI. With M-Files, all documents are linked directly to their associated transactions in NetSuite, but rather than just attaching a document to a transaction or record in NetSuite, the associated NetSuite item becomes a tag in M-Files. This opens up M-Files’ rich indexing, search, access permissions and so on, giving users instant access to the correct version of important related documents directly within NetSuite, providing a huge savings in time and cost.”

The integration of M-Files into NetSuite was completed by Software Solutions for Business (goVirtualOffice.com), an M-Files Solution Provider and certified NetSuite specialist. This integration enables files stored in the M-Files document vault to be directly tagged with associated transactions within NetSuite, and then automatically classified and indexed using any tag or metadata property, including the customer, contact, and/or project to which it is related. Literally any type of document — including invoices, purchase orders, inventory data sheets, compliance certification documentation, bills of materials, and shipping and fulfillment documents — can be instantly retrieved when needed with M-Files for NetSuite.

Tags can be added to documents created electronically, or captured automatically during the scanning process. This makes it easy and fast to find any document associated with a transaction recorded in NetSuite with a single mouse click directly within the NetSuite interface. It is also possible to access the document vault directly via the easy to use M-Files Windows Explorer interface that supports all Windows applications. As a result, any document can be instantly located by typing in a tag or two right from the standard File Open and Save commands in Excel, Word, Acrobat, or any other Windows application, as well as being able to organize and display relevant documents in any manner, such as by customer, department, vendor, project, or any other metadata property or tag.

“By integrating M-Files into NetSuite, we can now provide the rich set of document and business process management tools and flexible customization capabilities our customers are asking for,” said Dirk Shimpach, Managing Partner at Software Solutions for Business.

M-Files for NetSuite also provides the foundation for compliance with industry standards and regulations. Secure access permissions, version control, automated workflow, audit trail logging and support for electronic signatures enable companies to address regulatory compliance mandates that dictate how and where confidential information is stored, accessed and maintained.

“The NetSuite platform is used by organizations in a variety of industries, and the fact that M-Files can be easily customized within the NetSuite framework makes it the ideal solution for companies that must ensure compliance with regulations and standards,” added Shimpach. “With M-Files for NetSuite, users can now directly maintain, track and audit critical documents, processes and events, such as a review or approval, providing vital compliance support and ensuring successful and efficient audits.”

About M-Files Inc.

M-Files Inc. develops M-Files easy-to-use, professional document management software and the cloud-based document management service M-Files Cloud Vault that runs on the Windows Azure platform. M-Files and M-Files Cloud Vault enable companies and organizations of all sizes to make dramatic gains in efficiency and productivity by improving the way they organize and manage their business documents, information and processes. More than 15,000 customers in over 80 countries worldwide use M-Files to manage their documents. M-Files is available in 21 languages and is in use at customers such as AstraZeneca, BSA LifeStructures, EADS, FinnComm Airlines and Parker Hannifin. For more information, visit our Web site at http://www.m-files.com, the M-Files blog, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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