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Mekiwi Ltd, Finnish mobile development company soft launches their first mobile application title, Wimble Time Management, for Android Mobile Phones. The application is free to be downloaded for Android mobile phones and it is currently available in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Wimble Time Management is an application that combines the most used time management tools, social features and gamified experience into a one fun package to be experienced. The application is targeted mainly for families, children and young people who are facing difficulties to manage their personal and common tasks. It also suits for people bored with “yet another time management” -tools who are looking for broader task management experiences with a fun outlook.

Mekiwi Ltd strongly believes that gamification will bring more fun to social messaging applications and tools. By implementing gameplay mechanics into traditional non-game consumer applications Mekiwi Ltd aims to evolve the markets significantly by leveling up the user experience design. The company states that it wants to break down the walls of traditional way of doing user experience design for non-game applications.

Before soft launch phase Wimble Time Management application has been under public beta testing phase for two months. Based on the gathered feedback from the beta phase the team believes strongly they are really on to something new and game changing for the application market. Now it is time to publish Wimble and gather even more feedback how to improve and take the experience further.

Mekiwi Ltd is innovative mobile development startup located in Oulu, Finland. Company’s core competences consist of mobile development, gamification and games. The people behind Mekiwi Ltd have varied backgrounds from entrepreneurship, technology, graphical design, media production and game development. The company provides its services for businesses and consumers.

Wimble Time Management is available for free in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and it can be downloaded from Google Play: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mekiwi.org

More information about Wimble Time Management can be found from here: http://www.wimble.me. Official application release trailer video can be found from here: Youtube

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