(Gawkwire.com) “The March 8th jury trial between VirnetX Holding Corp. (AMEX:VHC; www.virnetx.com) and Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) will be an opportunity to reveal VirnetX’s patented security technologies and the impact those technologies could have on real-time secure Internet communications,” stated Larry Oakley, editor and publisher of WallStreetCorner.com (www.WallStreetCorner.com). Oakley made the statement in an Investor Alert today which was posted in his “Bold Ventures” column at his WallStreetCorner.com website. The jury trial between VirnetX and Microsoft will commence on March 8th in Tyler, Texas.

VirnetX, a secure real-time communications firm based in Scotts Valley, California, is alleging that Microsoft Corp. has infringed on two of its patents by deeply embedding them into Microsoft core products. The patent issues include technology for building Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), one of the fastest growing segments in communications. These all involve patented methods for establishing secure connections (“immune from eavesdropping”) involving VPNs where security doesn’t, or wouldn’t, exist. Potential eavesdroppers or hackers cannot hack or invade that which they cannot find in the first instance, which results from the use of VirnetX’s patented technology.

According to Oakley, “This is definitely a ‘David’ versus ‘Goliath’ legal battle taking place in Texas on March 8th. It’s possible that if VirnetX succeeds in this patent jury trial that it may be awarded up to three times the compensatory damages sought and could impact the trend in patent reform being debated in Washington, D.C. As recently as a week ago, Microsoft’s market value motion related to not allowing damages to be based on the entire market value of Window’s sales (as much as a base of several hundred billion dollars) was denied by the court. It’s possible that Microsoft could be liable at trial for enhanced (trebled) damages. Thus far, the court has given VirnetX the potential to include all of Microsoft’s Windows revenues for the referenced infringements. It also means, as I understand it, that VirnetX might be awarded three times the compensatory damages sought. In yet another recent ruling, the court limited the main portion of the trial to 12 hours per side, so we should have a result within a reasonable period of time.”

Oakley also stated, “This trial is a unique opportunity for all of us to learn about VirnetX’s patented security technologies. This company’s technologies could be the beginning of a dramatic shift in secure real-time Internet communications. Could it be that once this trial is completed that VirnetX’s patented technologies will be licensed, developed, implemented, and ultimately emerge as the new security tech standard in the global shift to 4G/Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless networks? We all understand that the mobility market is projected to have over 2.5 billion connected devices by 2014. VirnetX owns the patented security technology solutions for the vast majority of 4G specifications. This alone will, in my opinion, result in a large part of VirnetX’s expansion over the next few years.”

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