(Gawkwire) – To curb the stolen phone resale market, the Telecommunications Fraud Forum has developed a new code of practice, where recycling companies are agreeing to check the details of mobiles against a national stolen-phone database before purchasing them from individuals. Compare and Recycle, which compares prices among several recycling services in the UK, make sure that all their recycling companies follow this method of best practice.

More than 90 percent of the U.K. recycling industry has already signed the new code of practice, developed by the Telecommunications Fraud Forum (TUFF), government and police – which hopes to put an end to the estimated 100,000 stolen mobiles that are being sold to recycling companies without their knowledge.

While most mobile phone handsets reported stolen are blocked across all U.K. networks within 24 hours, they can still be used abroad. Some recycling companies export their phones after buying them, therefore giving criminals a loophole to make money for their stolen goods.

Recyclers that sign the new agreement will check every mobile they’re being offered against the National Mobile Phone Register. If the phone ends up being stolen, they will refuse to buy it and hand over the information to police.

So far the recycling industry has been more than cooperative at curbing criminal activity. The website Compare and Recycle, which lists dozens of mobile phone recyclers (along with recyclers of digital cameras, laptops, mp3 players and several other electronic items), ensures that that their companies use best practice when recycling mobile phones or anything else. Reusing and properly disposing of phones and their parts are what the companies on Compare and Recycle’s website do in an eco-friendly manner.

Companies that sign up for the TUFF agreement also help increase consumer confidence with those sites. To find out more about Compare and Recycle and the companies they work with, visit www.compareandrecycle.co.uk

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