Investigators have found that some 100 to 200 people have fallen victim to a MobileMe scam that was started earlier last week. CardCops, an identity protection group used automated bots to help the investigators uncover the scam on a server used by scammers to store data.

Sources say,"We found 20 different files parked on the server, each file with two or three or four, up to 20, profiles," CardCops president Dan Clements told Computerworld. "Cumulatively, there were about 300 profiles collected in that one day. And 100 to 200 were addresses."

The MobileMe scam was figured out piece-by-piece after officials contacted those who had fallen for the attacks. Since it’s release, MobileMe has continued to have endless problems. As users have become accustomed to the problems, many never hesitated to click through the phishing email that claimed there had been a problem with the users MobileMe payment.

The phishing occurs at the bottom of the official-looking webpage where it reads,""We were unable to process your most recent payment. Did you recently change your bank, phone number or credit card?"

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