(Gawkwire.com) Razorfish has recently launched its Cloud Computing practice to deliver a new suite of cloud computing services to its clients. Additionally, Razorfish has attained the designation as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) global solutions provider. The designation is nonexclusive for both Razorfish and AWS.

As an AWS global solutions provider, Razorfish combines its own design and technology integration capabilities (including cloud expertise) with AWS cloud computing web services for Razorfish clients. In March, Razorfish documented how its use of AWS resulted in a 500-percent increase in return on advertising spend for a client. The case study is available at http://bit.ly/caguQ6.

The Razorfish Cloud Computing practice, coordinated by Razorfish Chief Technology Officer Ray Velez, consists of approximately 100 Razorfish employees who regularly apply cloud computing technology for clients such as Bundle.com and MillerCoors.

The practice is charged with developing cloud computing expertise, partner relationships and thought leadership. For instance, the February 5 Razorfish Technology Summit focused on how companies can support marketing and customer service by employing scalable and portable cloud computing platforms. And the recently released Razorfish 5 report on technology trends predicts that the Facebook Connect cloud platform will become more popular than Facebook.

As an AWS global solutions provider, Razorfish learns about upcoming AWS features and services in order to deepen its knowledge of the AWS platform. The insight into AWS cloud computing complements Razorfish’s expertise in cloud computing.

Velez said, "Cloud computing is a business phenomenon, not a technology issue. Because cloud platforms are more scalable than other alternatives, marketers can better manage the peaks and valleys of marketing campaigns. And because cloud services are less expensive than traditional hosting options, marketers can free up their budgets to innovate. Razorfish clients benefit from our demonstrated knowledge of AWS in a number of ways, such as our ability to perform highly granular ad spend analytics."

Terry Wise, director of Developer Relations for AWS, said, "Razorfish’s unique use of Amazon Web Services is bringing new solutions and significant value to our joint customers. We are pleased that Razorfish is among our AWS Global Solutions Providers, and their achievement of this designation demonstrates their extensive knowledge of cloud computing."

Razorfish already uses AWS to deploy cloud computing for major organizations. Their work includes migrating functions such as real-time advertising and analytics, credit references, electronic commerce, sales acquisition and self-service to the AWS cloud platform. Razorfish also uses AWS in offerings such as business intelligence.

The relationship will be managed by John Cunningham, Razorfish Technology director in London. Cunningham said, "Razorfish is pleased to become one of the few AWS Global Solutions Providers. We’ve already successfully deployed AWS for clients such as MillerCoors. The scalability and pay-as-you-go cost structure of AWS makes it a natural platform for hosting online advertising campaigns."

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