(Gawkwire.com) – Revelation Software Concepts Pty Ltd (RSC), an SAP® software partner and creator of the widely used Rev-Trac® SAP solution change control technology, today announced that the 2010 release of its free Salt platform for SAP software has seen resounding acceptance by SAP software users around the world. The late December release of Salt 1.2 made Salt easier to install, and users were actively trading tips, tricks and new ideas in RSC’s rapidly growing Salt Apps User Support Forum and throughout the growing user community.

Salt, a free “Software as a Service” or SaaS application platform, powers a suite of small, useful Salt Apps for developers, Basis and project team members who operate SAP software-based IT systems of any size. These mini-apps give team members a way to automate time-consuming processes normally done manually, such as keeping track of old code snippets, identifying lost or forgotten objects and finding differences across landscapes.

“We expected gradual, steady uptake of Salt Apps into the SAP software world,” commented Rick Porter, Vice President of Business Development. “Instead, we crossed the ‘acceptance chasm’ almost immediately, and the number of Salt installations has expanded very rapidly. Our user feedback has been impressive, with forum users actively coming up with all kinds of new ideas, requests, tips and tricks.”

At the end of December, only 10 weeks after launch, Salt had already been implemented on SAP-based IT systems ranging from straightforward DEV-QA-PRD architectures to extensive and complex N and N+1 systems managed by global companies.

It is among larger organizations with the most demanding IT requirements that RSC’s flagship Rev-Trac software has been most widely implemented, achieving a 100% implementation success rate. David Drake, CEO and CTO at RSC and the visionary behind Salt, commented, “Acceptance of Salt Apps might partly reflect market confidence in our products, which seems to have grown right along with system complexity as Rev-Trac usage increased among SAP Application Managers and other IT decision-makers. If increased confidence and trust in Rev-Trac led to this rapid acceptance of our Salt Apps, we have cause to be very grateful to our users.”

Salt 1.2 was the first major public upgrade to the Salt project. It expanded slightly on the six original utility apps, added some requested features to sharpen the change intelligence provided to Project Teams, and fixed a number of small bugs. The biggest change was to make installation easier through the VM industry-standard Open Virtualization Format (OVF), which is a platform independent, efficient, extensible, and open VM packaging and distribution format.

The Salt platform runs as a plug-and-play virtual appliance that drives the Salt Apps. As an OVF-packaged or VMX-packaged Virtual Machine, it is compatible with such widely used technologies as VMware Player, Workstation, ESX/ESXi 3.5 and later, VirtualBox and Xen. It will support up to three systems at no charge, while fee-based subscriptions are available for up to 20 systems. Salt Apps are independent of RSC’s flagship Rev-Trac change control product, and Rev-Trac is not required to run Salt.

Those interested in continuing developments in the Salt Apps world can follow them on Twitter @SaltApps, throughLinkedIn, or through the active user support forum at http://www.saltapps.com/forum/. Demos of Salt Apps in action are available through the SaltApps Channel on YouTube, http://www.youtube.com/user/SaltApps, where a subscription delivers notifications and demos of new Salt Apps as they become available.

The next major release, v1.3.0 due in Q1 2011, will include Life Saver, to take automatic, periodic snapshots of unreleased objects as a rescue device, and Watch Bot, which monitors nominated objects and sends alerts, for example, if changes are made directly in QA or Production. Complete information, including a list of currently available Salt Apps and information on subscription options, can be found at http://www.saltapps.com. More on Revelation Software Concepts and its flagship Rev-Trac 6.0 change control technology can be found athttp://www.xrsc.com.

About Revelation Software Concepts 
Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) specializes in change control management technologies for use with SAP solutions, developing market-leading software to reduce the risks and lower the costs of delivering changes into production systems. Since RSC was founded in 1997, some of the world’s largest companies have come to rely upon its mature change control solutions. Its deep expertise and responsive support have made RSC the leading change-control specialist for SAP solution-based infrastructures around the globe. RSC is 100% SAP-focused and is an SAP software solution partner. Its flagship change control solution, Rev-Trac, is certified as powered by the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform. Rev-Trac supports change control for both ABAP™ and non-ABAP technologies, reflecting RSC’s commitment to technologically innovative change control solutions that serve current market needs. For more information, visit http://www.xrsc.com.

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