(Gawkwire) – Organic storage pioneer Scality today announced it has closed a deal with German social networking giant wer-kennt-wen.de, a 100% subsidiary of RTL interactive, to provide the storage platform for more than 9.4 million users’ photos, messages and profile information.

Scality’s RING Organic Storage™ will enable wer-kennt-wen.de to offer their users to share full high definition pictures. This has been a consumer demand for several years, but up to now, wer-kennt-wen.de had not found a cost effective storage solution to offer this service profitably and efficiently. The RING has a self-healing architecture that delivers unlimited scalability. It scales to exabytes while eliminating system downtime and manual data migrations. It is ideal for social networking sites, where billions of user-generated files need to be stored and kept for lifetimes. With no limit to the number of files that it can store, and no restrictions on file sizes, it allows sites to confidently accommodate vast and fast growing memberships, cost effectively.

"Social networking data needs to be accessed with speed and reliability. Users won’t accept anything less. Scality provides unparalleled support for service providers coping with massive numbers of files, fast-growing storage needs and unlimited file sizes," said Jérôme Lecat, CEO of Scality. "RING Organic Storage accommodates the growing expectations of media consumers online for unrestricted storage and unimpeded access and reliability."

Dr Robert Zores, CTO of wer-kennt-wen.de, added, "With more than 9.4 million users, wer-kennt-wen.de is one of the biggest social networks in Germany. Our members upload hundreds of thousands of photos and information everyday, which we store on our servers. We needed a flexible and reliable storage solution that we found in Scality’s RING Organic Storage technology."

Scality provides a scalability, reliability and performance designed not to merely withstand, but to flourish in the forthcoming data deluge that this industry is facing.

According to Forrester Research, Inc., in the report "Prepare For Object Storage In The Enterprise" (November 29, 2010), "There’s a great deal of talk these days about object-based storage. It’s an architecture that delivers massive scalability, rock-bottom cost, high automation, tremendous flexibility, and improved control. But for it to deliver on these promises, you need to cut through the hype and determine if the drawbacks will prevent object storage from meeting your technical and business needs. […] It has the potential to significantly improve storage economics, ease of use, and control when mapped to the right workloads. Today, those include archiving, Web 2.0 apps, imaging applications, emerging apps designed with objects in mind, and cloud storage environments."

For more information, please visit: http://www.scality.com/

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