(Gawkwire) – 3Crowd and ServerOrigin Communications jointly announce the release of CloudCDN™, a Content Delivery Networking service offered by ServerOrigin to its customers based on 3Crowd’s CrowdDirector™ and CrowdCache™ technology stack. ServerOrigin is now leveraging its global and robust network presence to offer its customers a worldwide, scalable and cost effective Content Delivery Networking solution in addition to their already successful DDoS protection services.

This new Content Delivery service launched by ServerOrigin constitutes a double value proposition: leveraging a global footprint of datacenters, immense bandwidth capacity and excess computing power from their existing DDoS product lines, while at the same time answering the increasing demand of their existing customer base.

This announcement illustrates 3Crowd’s ability to enable today’s hosting companies to maximize and better monetize their existing infrastructure, provide new turnkey solutions to their customers, while reducing both time to deploy and time to market.

3Crowd’s tool set provides hosting providers with the instant benefits and all the necessary features of a global, highly distributed content caching network through CrowdCache™, as well as the flexibility of operating it with great simplicity and control with CrowdDirector™.

3Crowd’s CEO Barrett Lyon says,“We are very excited to support ServerOrigin’s product launch as their needs for a new Content Delivery Service product and their existing global infrastructure are a perfect match for our CrowdCache™ and CrowdDirector™ toolset. By repeating this working model with our current Hosting Provider customers, 3Crowd will achieve its goal of shifting the paradigm of Content Delivery over the Internet.”

“ServerOrigin’s bandwidth capacity is comparable to many small countries,” Kevin Hatfield, of ServerOrigin Communications,“Our infrastructure runs at less than 10% utilization at any given time. This solution allows us to monetize the excess bandwidth while seamlessly integrating a complete content delivery solution. Imagine uploading your web content and serving the website direct through the CDN solution. No longer do you require additional servers or transit, we will cache your data and provide you all the bandwidth you need without the need to add a single piece of equipment. A few providers attempt this now but the costs associated are out of reach for the majority of the small business market. ServerOrigin intends to get pricing down under $.10/GB with at least 30GB of free storage space. In our opinion, we are considering this as much a carrier-grade solution as an end-user service.”

This is the first time companies can look at a ‘CDN’ solution and compare it directly to purchasing additional infrastructure or transit. This is the exact definition of what cloud hosting should be, the ability to push a button and increase overall website or application capacity for pennies on the dollar.

3Crowd’s goal is to lead the effort in putting untapped infrastructure and bandwidth resources to better use, allowing their customers to make the Internet more scalable, more resilient, better performing while introducing new revenue streams.

About 3Crowd Technologies

3Crowd Technologies is a San Mateo, CA-based software services company developing the future of content delivery. The company’s products and services are changing the economics of content delivery by giving greater control over how content is shared and internal IT assets optimized. Today, 3Crowd’s services include CrowdCache™ and CrowdDirector™. Both are easily deployed and configurable and provide a cost model for maximum efficiency. 3Crowd’s investors include Storm Ventures, Canaan Partners, and angel investors, Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson, founders of DIGG and Revision3. For more information, please visit: http://www.3crowd.com

About ServerOrigin Communications

ServerOrigin Communications is an internet security firm specializing in Enterprise-Grade denial-of-service prevention, mitigation, and hosting. ServerOrigin ranks among the top denial-of-service protection providers with more than one-million domains protected by the ethProxy™ solution making it the single largest deployed mitigation service worldwide. For more information, please visit: http://www.serverorigin.com

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