(Gawkwire) – ControlByNet (CBN), a leader in cloud-based hosted video security surveillance solutions, announced today the addition of TerraCloud Inc. as a new integrator for CBN’s i-flashback REMOTE. ControlByNet’s i-flashback REMOTE, one of the most advanced hosted solutions on the market, provides web-based controls for video hosting providers and enterprise customers to host video across multiple servers, users and accounts.

Based in Central Florida and serving customers across the country, TerraCloud provides IT solutions for small businesses, government agencies, and Fortune 500 enterprises. TerraCloud is now offering i-flashback REMOTE to customers in the Central Florida area including metropolitan Orlando and the surrounding counties of Orange, Seminole, Lake, Brevard, Volusia and Osceola.

"TerraCloud has joined the increasing number of IT integrators taking advantage of the fast growing IP-video surveillance market. A recent industry report expects 2013 to be the tipping point for analog to IP and found that IT integrators are a leading force in this transition," said Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet. "TerraCloud realized the potential savings for its customers by offering our hosted video solution. In addition, by choosing ControlByNet’s software solution versus a specific camera manufacturers solution they are providing their customers with added flexibility and not locking them into a specific brand forever."

ControlByNet has the most flexible hosted solution on the market with the ability to host for the customer, let the integrator do the hosting, linking to an onsite server or any combination. This flexibility allows integrators like TerraCloud to quickly offer a hosting business using the i-flashback REMOTE solution.

"The ability for us to step in slowly with ControlByNet providing the initial hosting is a big deal. It minimizes our initial investment and lets us get our feet wet," says Walt Wilson, Vice President of TerraCloud. “ControlByNet allowed us to run a live test so we already had hosted cameras in customer locations. With ControlByNet, we are poised to do well in this expanding market.”

Other benefits for TerraCloud include:

    Recurring Revenue – TerraCloud now recognizes a recurring revenue stream instead of the old ‘sell-and-forget’ model.

    Added Customer Opportunities – A hosted solution keeps TerraCloud closer to the customer which puts them first in line for openings for additional services.

     Instant Access – TerraCloud’s customers can access video anywhere with an Internet connection and on almost any device including iPad, Xoom, iPhone and DROID.

Interested integrators may view the CBN demo located on its partner page, http://www.controlbynet.com/partners.php.

About TerraCloud Inc (http://www.terracloudinc.com)

TerraCloud combines innovative cloud-based delivery with onsite experts to enhance our customers’ IT infrastructure, applications, and processes. Based in Central Florida and serving customers across the country, TerraCloud meets the requirements for cost-effective advanced solutions of small businesses, government agencies, and Fortune 500 enterprises.

About ControlByNet (http://www.controlbynet.com)

ControlByNet provides the most advanced adaptable hosted and managed IP-based surveillance solution on the market. ControlByNet’s advanced software is the cornerstone for the new security surveillance business model. By leveraging Software as a Service (SaaS), CBN’s solution integrates seamlessly across its products creating limitless installation scenarios. The hierarchal nature of the software allows a single log-in with multiple levels of access from any (Internet) location which leverages existing enterprise resources. With years of development, the software solution is flexible, future-proof and designed to lead the industry. Product offerings include i-flashback LOCAL and REMOTE and ip-LookOUT, its guard monitoring application. While the i-flashback interface is as simple to use as a nanny cam, both versions of the software are sophisticated enough to manage hundreds of remote cameras from a single browser; including Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox as well as mobile devices such as the iPhone, Xoom and iPad. ControlByNet is always looking to add additional camera support to its products in order to remain a market leader in hosted video. For more information, visit http://www.controlbynet.com.


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