(Gawkwire.com) – Leading testing and compliance consultancy TRaC Telecoms & Radio today announced the completion of a successful 12-month pilot project with one of the world’s major DSL chip manufacturers, heralding the official launch of its new 24/7 remote testing service.
The new service sees TRaC provide a full size telecoms cabinet at its flagship DSL test facility in Hull, UK, complete with dedicated internet connection, power, and software to access and control information from the DSLAMs via a dedicated server. The cabinet, which is populated by the customer’s own equipment, can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world to test against the DSLAMs and acts as a virtual extension to their laboratory.
Paul Russell, managing director of TRaC Telecoms & Radio, said: “The pilot project was much more successful than we could have expected. We were able to make the finishing touches to the service and we are now confident we can offer a responsive and flexible remote testing service for our customers.
“We have already expanded the service, with 47 DSLAM connections available for remote access covering major US and European operator configurations for ADSL, ADSL2plus and VDSL2, and plan to add others in the next quarter.”
TRaC opened its expanded flagship DSL test facility at its UK headquarters in November last year following a re-location from its Santa Clara operation. The DSL laboratory is now the most advanced and comprehensive independent DSL testing capability anywhere in the world and is the central location for all of TRaC’s remote testing.
For further information about TRaC’s comprehensive telecoms services – supported by a full regulatory solution covering Radio, EMC, Safety and Approvals for global market access – visit the website at www.tracglobal.com.

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