TrendsWebsite designs are always evolving and it’s important for business owners to be in the loop about the latest trends. You may remember a time when websites were very bland, simple, and lacked multi-functions; between websites that just played some music and others that could make your mouse pointer look like an animal.

Since then, websites have continued to evolve and today, you’ll find that website design is rather competitive. You need to stand out from the other dozens of websites that a visitor clicked on today, and that can be challenging when you don’t know much about design. Working with a designer can help you to incorporate things you need like a place to show off your portfolio, a place for visitors to shop your store, and a way to show off what your brand really stands for.

You want your website to look just as sleek and sexy as other websites, while being useful and solving a need. Take a look at what current design trends are happening in websites that are persuading people online, makes websites stand out, and that are changing the industry.

Tiny details matter

While you may be so focused on the big picture that you forget about the minor details, but paying attention to details is the first website design trend you will want to take note of. Often referred to as “microinteractions,” tiny details on the web from a small interaction to a single task are really important for your design.

You’ll want to show that your brand puts effort into the smallest of details because your customers will notice. This may be because website design as evolved so many times that people are starting to look for details that really make companies stand out from the hundreds of other websites they’ve come across. Make your microinteractions easy, fun, and successful between the initiation of the action, paying attention to feedback, and being aware of what happens next.

Flat design

Flat DesignHave you seen websites with flat designs? The idea has been around for a while, but it’s trending right now and your company may want to try it out. You’ll have a very modern and clean design that shows you are with the times.

It’s basically a look of classic appeal, aesthetically-pleasing, and a simple approach to make it super easy for users. You’ll recognize it by the bold colors, digital icons rather than illustrations, and lots of shading giving it all a minimalistic appeal.

UI patterns consistent on all sites

Another website design trend comes in the form of consistency; having websites with the same UI patterns is another popular choice. It may seem strange that multiple websites would use the same UI patterns, but it’s actually better for users. Users can shop from two different brands without any confusion since multiple sites are using these similar formulas.

Whether it’s the trend of Hero Images, where you notice large and vibrant images taking up the space, or the Card Layouts, which show items in a grid pattern like the popular website Pinterest, these different UI patterns being consistent throughout websites will encourage visitors to purchase wherever they end up. It also helps visitors more easily understand how to create an account with that brand to make online purchases.

The other 3 big trends

Website DesignTake notes, there are three more really important website design trends that you’ll want to take note of. The first one is that responsive sites are now a need, rather than a nice perk. Be sure to have your website responsive and easy to use on mobile, which requires you to have a responsive web design to accomplish.

The next trend would be the use of animation while the last big trend to note is the use of components and modules. Not only should you be incorporating a great deal of animation with hover animations, background animation, and loading animation, but you should be incorporating modules and components for a holistic approach to your design in which you can populate the same information on multiple pages for better consistency.

If you remember that your website is a representation of your brand, then it will be easier to decide how you want to portray your brand to the world digitally; do you want to be modern, efficient, and forward-thinking, or simple, old-school, and not one to follow trends?

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