Chennai, India ( Today Securenext Software Inc announced a new website focused on helping business owners customize free applications offered by Google, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Flickr, Yahoo, Microsoft Live, Ebay, Twitter and hundreds of other corporations. These well known companies with their arsenal of servers and financial resources provide free API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) which are like roadmaps to their sophisticated applications.

Teams of API specialists at use these roadmaps to unlock and customize applications for ordinary websites. Here are a few examples of what can be done with API’s:

    * Photos, logos and information about offices, store locations, contacts and hours are sent from corporate databases to website maps and internet directories like Google’s Business Directory.
    * Real estate listings, property photos and community points of interest are added to customized realtor maps.
    * Store inventory without the effort and expense of stocking products is provided by Amazon, Ebay and other companies.
    * Custom branded photo/video feeds, widgets and mashups are placed on websites and social networking sites
    * Product and price data feeds from internet shopping carts are sent to Google Base for immediate internet presence.

"Fortune 500 companies, business owners and web designers have been outsourcing to India for years because of substantial cost savings.’s graphic designers and programmers use free API’s provided by major corporations to transform websites on a budget into websites that look like they have spent a fortune on programming," says Saravana Kumar (Saran) – President.

Outsourcing customized Internet applications built on the base of free software is a budget friendly solution for web owners in difficult economic times. Most website owners are unaware of the vast free resources available.

To see live examples of custom API applications visit

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