What are Beer Boots and why do people call them “Das Boot”?
Beer boots are a German invention with over a century of history where they are called a "Bierstiefel" and are thought to have originated within the German military. They exploded in popularity in the U.S. and Canada towards the end of 2006 upon the release of the movie Beerfest, a beer-themed comedy revolving around a secret beer Olympics at Oktoberfest in Germany. The movie coined the expression "Das Boot," referring to a 2 liter glass beer boot, which has since become the standard nomenclature for this unique drinking vessel. Bier Boot Haus offers a wide selection of glass 2 liter beer boots for as little as $34.99.

The Beer Boot Game:
Beer boots are all about the camaraderie of sharing your favorite beer among friends. The beer boot game (Das Boot Challenge) entails passing a 2 liter boot with each individual taking a sip and passing the boot to the left. Once the beer boot is picked up, it cannot touch the ground until finished and must be flicked by each participant before and after taking a sip. Whoever finishes the beer boot, the person before them is responsible for refilling the boot for the next round. Bier Boot Haus tip: Since the toe of the boot creates an air pocket, beer boot drinkers will tell you to drink with the toe facing to the side, not up (Which causes beer to splash in your face).

Custom Engraved Beer Boots
Bier Boot Haus also offers custom engraved beer boots for those looking for a personalized “Das Boot”. Personalized beer boots are extremely popular groomsmen gifts at weddings, and can be customized with virtually any logo, photograph, or text in a variety of fonts.

Beer Boots will always get the attention of your friends and make a great addition to any bar. A “Das Boot” also makes a great gift for any occasion. Contact www.BierBootHaus.com for additional information or to browse our full product catalog.

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