Dropmysite (http://www.dropmysite.com) Pte Ltd, a leading website, email and mobile backup service, today published two whitepapers that explain how web hosting providers can take advantage of the huge demand for automated, easy-to-use website and email backup services. Both hosting providers and their SMB customers are increasingly aware of the need to back up email and website data to mitigate the risks associated with hacking, data corruption and accidental deletion. The papers, entitled “Is Your Web Hosting Company Profiting from the Multi-Billion Dollar Email Backup Industry?” and “Advantages of Self-Serve SaaS Backup for Web Hosting Providers and Their Customers,” demonstrate how hosting companies can generate new revenue, increase customer “stickiness” and attract customers with specialized requirements without increasing overhead via cloud-based self-service backup solutions.

“Hosting providers have a difficult time navigating the surplus of SaaS based back-up solutions in the marketplace,” said Ridley Ruth, COO of Dropmysite. “These white papers give hosting companies a better understanding on how they can take advantage of the expanding self-service back-up market and how self-service backup platforms can match their needs as a hosting company and the needs of their customers.”

Email security and backup is a natural extension of the role a web host plays in a company’s online infrastructure. The technology market research firm Radicati has estimated the market size for email archiving alone at $4.9B for 2015 by, nearly double the $2.5B size for 2011. With the growing need for business continuity through email, “Is Your Web Hosting Company Profiting from the Multi-Billion Dollar Email Backup Industry” is a timely introduction to the self-service software-as-a-service (SaaS) backup and archiving model, resulting in significant new revenue opportunities for hosting providers and better protection for their customers, including those who choose external/third-party email services. Other benefits for hosting providers include: increased customer retention, zero overhead and the potential to attract lucrative verticals as new customers.

“Advantages of Self-Serve SaaS Backup for Web Hosting Providers and Their Customers”evaluates how today’s backup solutions serve the challenges facing both web hosts and their customers, as instances of data corruption and blacklisting due to malware and phishing are on the rise. The paper identifies the key problem areas with respect to the typical backup arrangement web hosts have with their customers, which include customers’ lack of autonomy in backup and restoration functions, the high cost and relatively low value of managed backup services, and poor response and recovery times for end users when an incident arises. The paper goes on to demonstrate how the self-service SaaS backup model addresses each of these pain points.

Download the Dropmysite whitepapers at https://dropmyemail.com/resources/whitepapers

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