(Gawkwire.com)- Joomla is a free leading content management system known for its easy to implement extensions. Many bloggers have found success on the platform and are looking at taking their websites to the next level. They’re using advertising to do so, specifically In Text advertising. The revenues from In Text Pay Per Click advertising enable online publishers to keep contributing quality content to the web for the enjoyment of everyone while still keeping the content king, after all, that’s what website building is all about.

Recently Infolinks contextual advertising just became much more accessible to Joomla users thanks to the development of the Infolinks Joomla extension. This extension will allow Joomla users to instantly integrate Infolinks In Text ads to their sites and increase their advertising revenues.
Tomer Treves, Chief Marketing Officer at Infolinks states, “Infolinks recently developed successful plugins for both WordPress and Blogger, now it’s time for Joomla users to also benefit from In Text ads. Joomla is well known for its premium content management system which allows online publisher to create wonderful websites rich in quality content. By implementing the new Infolinks plugin the Joomla community can join the In Text game in seconds and make their websites earn for them.”

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