(Gawkwire.com) – Search Engine Marketing Company MainStreetHost announced today its new capabilities in the realm of Mobile Websites. “With the growing abundance of Smartphone’s these days” Said Operations Director Russell Marranca “Individuals are using those mobile devices to surf the web as opposed to more traditional methods. A website, going forward, pretty much has to be designed with this use in mind.”

A website design for mobile media makes it faster and simpler for users to interface with the site itself. A mobile website simplifies the information and makes the most out of the limited screen space available. This ease of use is primarily designed to significantly increase visitor conversion rates from mobile traffic. Furthermore, a mobile website’s overall simplicity allows the site to be perused in real time. Without website conversion to mobile devices traditional websites take significantly longer to load onto a screen, a devastating blow to traffic conversion.

Mobile media continues to grow in almost every sector and demographic of American society. This large demand for mobile sites in turn led to MainStreetHost’s development of its mobile service. By adding this utility to existing client’s arsenals, MSH has effectively launched their clients into what can only be considered the next phase of site accessibility.

Mobile designs are written into the coding of a website, and will not affect the design of a website when viewed through the more traditional lens of a desktop or laptop. Instead, when accessed by a mobile device, this coding allows the website to present itself in a format optimized for use by a mobile user. As Smartphone’s and mobile devices become more prevalent throughout the land, it is recommend by industry experts to incorporate mobile designs on existent sites.

Mobile Website Design seeks to use the limited space on mobile screens and turn that into a direct transfer of the most important information a website offers to the user. By speeding up loading times, simplifying designs and allowing mobile users an easier navigation path throughout a website. Site owners with mobile designs get the most from their existing sites.

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