(Gawkwire.com) Let’s recall that a website is the marketing tool for an online business. It goes without saying good websites must be attractive and be able to attract and grab the attention of a large number of visitors.
In fact The truth is that good web designing is an art that needs requires knowledge of programming and how your visitor will interact with the website. So, it is very important for you to make the website user-friendly. What is even more valuable, you should create it in such a way that search engines can consider you to be original and unique and find you organically. After all, your aim is to compete against the first 10 competitors for your keyword and search engine optimization is how to do this.
Let’s come to the main part of the issue. You should keep in mind that the most vital critical important rule you need to follow for a website is the KISS formula – Keep It Simple Silly. Do not lose your visitor with a whole lot of fancy stuff if you want them to find your product or message.
First and foremost you need to ask yourself a question: What do I want my website to do for you? You need to answer this question since you need to design your website according to this question. If your case is that all you want is a simple squeeze page then design a simple squeeze page. If your case is that you want to convey some kind of information then keep it simple and convey that information, as fancy graphics and other distractions are not conveying what you want to present to your visitor.
The second point that should be taken into consideration is planning the web design. For this purpose you must take a piece of paper and plan what you want on the web page and mind bear in mind that this point can not be omitted as it is very important for your website success. It will be much easier for you if you are doing your own research on other websites on the material you want to convey to your visitor. You can be sure that it will give you awareness for how to design your site.
Thirdly, you should plan your theme and layout for each page. Actually you can look at your competitors and see whether you find their theme attractive. You can include interesting ideas from those sites that you know will attract your visitor and later design those ideas into your website.
The fourth point to take into consideration consider is that navigation around your site needs requires a site map. Keep in mind that it is rather important that your visitor can easily navigate around your site. It should be also added that there is a need to implement normal links for moving around and placement of those links together like an index for your website. You should understand that it is important that your visitor does not get frustrated while navigating around your site because if this is the case they will they will simply leave your site or click away.
The fifth valuable factor that should be pointed out is that download time is important. The truth is it gets frustrating to the majority of visitors if they have to wait for a page to download. That’s why overuse of graphics and images should be considered as they increase the download time. It will be helpful for you to know that, ideally, a complete page should not exceed 30KB since this ensures that most visitors will see your whole page in about 5 to 6 seconds at the most.
The last but not least thing to mention here is that you should not allow your visitor the opportunity to click away on a link on your web site that leaves your domain as it has been proven that you generally have lost that visitor and a potential customer.
In conclusion it should be mentioned that you need to remember that it is about presenting the information in an elegant, decorative, user friendly and timely manner. So, follow the tips that were mentioned above when dealing with the web design in the future.
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