(Gawkwire.com) – So you want to start working as an independent contractor to a web hosting company, or you just started your first job.   Before you switch to working remotely as independent contractor for a web host, here are a few things you should remember:

1. Most independent contractors do not get vacation time.  So, if you need to take time off, either forget about it or expect to not be paid for the time you ask off.

2. Make sure you read the contract from head to toe before you sign up to work for any major or small time web hosting company as a contracted worker.

3. Look into getting multiple monitors.  Sometimes you will need to keep an eye on or do several different tasks, so like with any job, be sure you show up with the tools you need to succeed.

4. In the contract, make sure they give you a set number of hours per week, and a shift each day.  Don’t let them fool you into being “on-call” in any hour of the day.

5. You have to have the patience of Ghandi to work tech support at times.  No matter how big of a jerk the customer is, you need to smile and do what is best for the company you are working for, and not yourself.

6. Be sure you feel at home with working by yourself at home.  While you might have the occasional phone call from your employer, much of the time you are your only company.

7. Get ready for an overly-complicated tax season.  When taxes are due, be sure you get your taxes done by somebody who knows what you independent contractor job is about.

8. You’ll need to educate yourself a times to extend the types of jobs you can cover.  Want to help with web design or development?  Start putting together web sites in your free time.  Experience is the best training out there.

9. Get a comfortable chair for your computer desk.  Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable all day long.

10. Treat it like a real job.  Since you no longer go to an office, you never have that separation of home time and work time.  You have to be able to mix the two together, responsibly.
If you keep these ten tips in mind, I am sure you will be a very successful independent contractor, and any web host around the world would be more than happy to have you.

Writer’s Bio: Self proclaimed “media rockstar” of the hosting world, author and broadcaster, Mitch Keeler works at helping both hosting clients and owners get the most out of the web hosting industry.  Mitch is the executive producer and host of the “one and only voice of the web hosting world”, the Web Hosting Show which can be found at WebHostingShow.com

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