(Gawkwire.com) 1&1 Internet Inc. has been recently named the largest Web host by known servers in today’s technology industry.  According to numbers recently reported by Intac.net, a respected resource for information about the IT industry, 1&1’s fleet of over 70,000 servers is larger than that of any other top player in the hosting industry. Comparatively, 1&1 is third in line for total number of servers behind other major players across the world of technology, including Intel and Google.

This latest news mentions 1&1 in a comparison that looks at the total number of servers owned by some of the top players in technology and information management.  The number of Web servers run by 1&1 has placed the company as the third largest technology provider amongst major companies in the industry.  1&1’s 70,000 servers was shy of taking the top two spots, which went to Intel and Google, with 100,000 and over 1,000,000 servers respectively.  Other key organizations also mentioned include SBC Comm., Time Warner Cable, and AT&T, amongst others. The research however did not consider server numbers by Microsoft and HP, as these companies do not reveal corresponding numbers. 

1&1’s operations, which span five major markets across Europe and North America, have grown to measure a total of over 70,000 servers.  Its current server strength has surpassed other Web hosts in size, as indicated by numbers given in the article, for The Planet and Rackspace, along with OVH, a European Web host, and Akamai Technologies, a global internet hosting service.

With over 10 million hosted domains and services provided for more than 9 million customer contracts, 1&1’s server strength has surpassed some of the top organizations in communications technology.  Both Verizon and Facebook, the social networking platform, for example, had a combined total of just over 55,000 servers in comparison to 1&1’s 70,000.

For more information about 1&1 and its services, please visit www.1and1.com.

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