(Gawkwire.com) The ongoing suffering in Haiti following the devastating earthquake triggered a wave of generosity: In just 2 weeks, United Internet company 1&1 raised a donation of some $2 million with the help of thousands of its users.

Thanks to recent donations, UNICEF can now provide the people of Haiti with urgently needed relief supplies, distribute drinking water, prepare a vaccination campaign to curb the threat of diseases and bring supplementary food for malnourished children in the desperately poor Caribbean nation. The world’s leading Webhost 1&1 Internet (www.1and1.com) had reached out to website owners to support the campaign of its foundation, “United Internet for UNICEF," and received an overwhelming response. Together with an additional grant from United Internet and the willingness of thousands of Internet users, a total of some $2 million was raised for UNICEF’s work in the disaster area to the relief efforts by today.

Despite the overwhelming donations of Internet users over the last few days, Oliver Mauss, CEO of 1&1 Internet, points out the need for further donations. "Following the two major earthquakes which have shaken Haiti, people will need our help for a long time to alleviate the horrific suffering and to tackle the reconstruction."

Now it is important to help vulnerable children who have lost their parents or were separated from them in the earthquake. “As UNICEF contacts reported from the disaster area, thousands of children in the earthquake zone have to go through this alone. They are facing malnutrition, disease and exploitation. We must find these children and provide for, protect and bring their families back together," says Oliver Mauss.

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