(Gawkwire) – Version 3.0 of the Aruvio GRC platform was announced today as the company continues to focus on streamlining governance, risk and compliance processes across the enterprise. As regulatory changes continue to rise, organizations face increased difficulty with responding to regulatory compliance while remaining agile. The newest changes to Aruvio’s cloud-based GRC platform are designed to equip customers with the technology to develop, implement and fully automate continuous assessment processes to efficiently adapt to regulatory change.

Aruvio V3.0 features refined control analysis with the capability to automatically identify control gaps between multiple regulations. Customers can easily identify missing controls in order to satisfy new regulatory compliance mandates without the complexity brought forth by managing regulatory change with email, spreadsheets and corporate Intranets.

Aruvio’s Enhanced Cloud Platform

Among the many feature driven enhancements delivered in Aruvio V3.0, organizations can now group users and track policy training requirements based on title or other user groupings. The automated mapping of compliance data to policy and internal controls creates an organized and audit ready state.

Aruvio automates business processes for organizations in every industry, providing visibility into corporate risk, compliance gaps and security controls across finance, IT, operations, HR and legal domains. The new enhancements featured in Aruvio V3.0 were designed to simplify the administration and configuration interface for improved usability and functionality for customers in the following areas: 

  • Compliance Management

Aruvio Compliance Management offers enhanced configuration for compliance assessment data collection and report generation for flexible interfaces based on assessment type with the ability to send on-demand assessment reminders, archive compliance assesments with the ability to maintain data and restart at any point. Additional control assessment features will help procurement teams quickly identify and eliminate control gaps.



  • Policy Management

Policy training and campaign generation and reporting has been improved to track individual training requirements to a specific user or group. Customers can easily send on-demand reminders for overdue trainings and generate more thorough intelligent training reports.



  • Risk Management

Aruvio 3.0 offers heat map reporting of risks with enhanced configuration to improve different risk impact and likelihood parameters to deliver a more intelligent risk report enterprise-wide.


“As our customer base continues to grow, we continue to develop enhancements that deliver a product that is agile and disruptive in the GRC space,” said Palaniswamy Rajan, Chairman & CEO of Aruvio. “We place high value on customer feedback to refine our product to simplify all GRC Initiatives. Whether an organization is looking for an EGRC tool, or one to manage any silo of GRC activity, policy management, regulatory change management, vendor risk management, audit management, IT Risk or incident management, Aruvio is here to help.”

About Aruvio

Built to support over 900 compliance regulations, frameworks and standards, the Aruvio cloud based GRC suite is an audit driven solution with site support allowing customers to configure their own GRC portal for both internal and external users. The easy to deploy solution is prime for assessing enterprise risk management and operational risk strategy for organizations of all sizes. In June 2013 Aruvio was acquired by Atlanta based Virima Technologies, an innovator in accelerated IT transformations. Aruvio’s GRC suite joins Virima ‘s growing portfolio of cloud-based solutions to provide compliance & risk management for today’s rapidly evolving technology frontier.

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