(Gawkwire.com) The Planet, the global leader in IT hosting, today announced AttainResponse (http://www.attainresponse.com) has chosen the company to host its IT infrastructure. Headquartered in Erie, Colo., AttainResponse develops and manages content delivery applications, including text and video e-mail, e-mail marketing and streaming video hosting.
The AttainResponse Web-based applications are unified into a single platform known as ComF5, which allows customers to combine core services such as business e-mail hosting and e-mail marketing with visual communications, including video, audio communications, images and other content. ComF5 also offers customers an industry-leading online video and publishing platform.
This new approach to unified communications and video commerce allows businesses to increase response rates for outbound marketing and affiliate programs, at the same time providing a lower cost of ownership for business e-mail and e-mail marketing.

The geographically redundant infrastructure includes private racks, load balancers, gigabit switches and private networks in multiple data centers located in both Houston and Dallas. The company also takes advantage of Advanced Services that provide additional monitoring capabilities for their servers. 

“Our infrastructure is complex and must be fast, reliable and scalable to meet the demands of our broad and dispersed customer base,” said Wade Weston, CEO and Founder of AttainResponse. “We evaluated ten companies to host our infrastructure, and The Planet understood exactly what we needed. They worked hand-in-hand with us to design the core systems, backend network and redundancy that are critical to our business. 

“I don’t want the headaches of managing IT, so I rely on The Planet. That’s their business, and it’s what they do well. Since I’ve turned over my infrastructure and have been able to focus on my customers, we’ve grown substantially. I can sleep at night, knowing I’m in good hands with my IT operations managed around the clock,” concluded Weston.

“Companies in every corner of the world rely on their Web presence and IT infrastructures for driving business, and we are seeing even more decide to unshackle the chains and move to a hosted environment,” said Tom Blair, vice president of global sales with The Planet. “Our network, data centers and around-the-clock support deliver a world-class experience and peace of mind. The unparalleled value of reliability – and the ability to scale by adding new servers in hours rather than in days or weeks – means companies can be more flexible and nimble as they grow.”
AttainResponse Snapshot
Wade Weston is a driven and passionate entrepreneur focused on his customers and his vision for AttainResponse. A telecommunications veteran, Weston gained an acute understanding of IT operations and customer requirements early on in his career, which set the stage for the success of his company. 
During those early years, Weston observed the changes occurring in the industry and knew from his own business development and sales experience what worked – and didn’t – as e-mail began to emerge as a key marketing tool for businesses. 

“Research tells us that people remember 10 percent of what they read, 20 percent of what they hear, 30 percent of what they see, but 50 percent of what they see and hear simultaneously,” Weston notes. “That’s the foundation of our MediaF5 solution. There’s a lot of mystery around how to reach customers. Ultimately it comes down to the initial connection you make with a single campaign. Our customers can create and send campaigns in minutes, with visual communications that set them apart from their competitors. They make memorable impressions, so when it comes time to buy, the people they’ve touched will remember them.

“Our clients look to us for advice on how to deliver their marketing messages in a fast, cost-effective methodology,” he says. “With our easy-to-use Web interface, there’s no software required. MediaF5 uploads media, videos, images and documents, and content is delivered across our robust delivery platform. Sending newsletters and auto-responders to hundreds of thousands of clients is no longer the headache it once was. We make it simple, fast and cost-effective.”

Weston cites a renowned hearing specialist who was evaluating new ways to help his patients better understand the surgical procedures he performed to enable their hearing. The surgeon had heard of AttainReponse, and he challenged Weston to help him identify ways to better inform his patient base.

“In a year’s time, this doctor doubled the size of his practice, simply by demystifying the surgeries. Using video content and communicating with visual and verbal messages helped educate his patients and ease the worry of the surgical procedure. Hearing directly from the doctor also gave patients an opportunity to engage with him beyond the office.” 

Weston notes there’s another added benefit for his customers. Much like his own desire to offload his IT infrastructure, he enables the same for his customer base. 

To hear first-hand about AttainResponse, visit The Planet Web site and watch a new video featuring Wade Weston: http://www.theplanet.com/videos/#attainresponse.

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