(Gawkwire.com) Binary Research International Inc. have recently released FastTrack Scripting Host 2010, a rapid scripting tool that simplifies the work of system and network Administrators who write scripts to automate day-to-day tasks.

Based on the concept that most system and network Administrators aren’t programmers, nor do they want to be, FastTrack Scripting Host is a pseudo-language that allows Users to execute one script line to perform one operation. Anyone with an understanding of IT can develop an automated script that might otherwise take hours or days to write, or in many cases, require the help of an outside consultant.

Designed to handle every kind of scripting needed to service clients in a Windows network, FastTrack Scripting Host 2010 will execute any task the user describes, automating even the most difficult of scripting tasks.  The User writes one line in the script, which triggers hundreds of lines of code in the engine via the FastTrack user-friendly GUI.

David Norfolk, practice leader, development and governance at Bloor Research, commented: “Scripts can get complex very quickly and developing and testing them can become an overhead. What Administrators need is a declarative scripting language which says what should happen, not how it should happen. In this respect, FastTrack Scripting Host might be a useful tool to add to an Administrator’s armoury.”

“FastTrack Scripting Host 2010 has been developed to streamline and simplify common, yet sometimes complex, IT scripting processes that harried system and network Administrators find themselves facing every day,” said Annette Dow, CEO of Binary Research International.

She continued: “Designed by a former System Administrator, FastTrack is a complete set of tools with a powerful scripting engine, giving IT professionals endless possibilities to apply it to save time that can then be used on more productive tasks – and as important in these times – to save money for their organisation.”

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