(Gawkwire) – This new type of dedicated server hosting is targeted at consumers lacking the necessary IT personnel or technical knowledge and skills to operate or publish their website to a managed dedicated server.

The most common reason for purchasing web hosting or a dedicated server is to publish a website. Buyers often wrongly believe that by renting a dedicated server called “managed”, they will see it easily published. In reality, managing a dedicated server only ensures that it is in good working condition, but in no way does it include putting the website into operation. Some complex tasks are often entrusted to a third party at the buyer’s expense. Other consumers, informed of the difficulty involved, shrink from the obstacle and settle for other hosting solutions, less flexible and less tailored to their needs.

With its Operated hosting service, Centerserv opens a new door for businesses interested in acquiring a dedicated server for the publication of their website. In other words, this host’s support is not limited to the basic management services (updating, security, data backups, etc.) On the contrary, Centerserv also covers the configuration of the dedicated server, its installation with a view to editing the website, as well as the maintenance and updating of both the dedicated server and the website. This stage of operability is crucial for firms which lack the required technical resources.

Thus, consumers are guaranteed future performance and operability, not only of their dedicated servers, but also of their websites. This innovation allows businesses to benefit from a presence on the Web as simple as web hosting, while at the same time securing the privileges of a dedicated server. As Alexandre Laflèche Morin underlines, “Which serious organization would choose to share the space where the sensitive information of his or her company is located with tens or even hundreds of other users, as is the case in shared hosting?”

At last, a most reliable host provides all businesses equal opportunity to fulfill their dream of having access to the latest technology and of acquiring their own space on the Web, thanks to the Operated dedicated server. Judging by the quality of the high-performance servers offered by Centerserv, this innovation is most likely to rapidly modify the web hosting landscape, by narrowing the gap between dedicated servers and shared servers in favor of the former, a particularly welcomed change.

For more information, please visit: http://server.centerserv.com/serveur-dedie/

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