(Gawkwire) – To be a success in the modern world, access to the Internet is a necessity. But for many, computers remain prohibitively expensive. For those who access the Internet from shared computers at libraries and Internet Cafes, the world just got a whole lot better. A new cloud computer company called iSpaces is helping transform the way individuals access their personal data and preferred applications. iSpaces puts a virtual, private, desktop into the hands of anyone with Internet access—for free.

Users create a free account at http://www.iSpaces.com and have instant access to a virtual desktop from any Windows or Linux computer. In fact, iSpaces lets users personalize multiple desktops or “Spaces.”

The innovative company offers other cutting-edge features, including CloudBrowser,™ a “browser within a browser” that lets users access their iSpaces desktop from any computer without having to re-launch their Web applications and files. If a student logs into iSpaces at school and opens Gmail, LinkedIn and Facebook, these tabs will instantly reopen the next he logs on — from any computer, anytime and anywhere.

“I often work from multiple computers and was tired of wasting time logging in and out of my favorite Web applications and not having access to my browsing history,” said Dermot Doherty, iSpaces’ founder. “I wanted to create a technology that enabled everyone to have universal access to a personal desktop, even if they couldn’t afford to own the actual machine.”

iSpaces, still in a beta test stage, is launching a native file management system called FileSpace along with Dropbox and Box.net integration in September. In addition to the CloudBrowser, iSpaces currently offers multiple desktops called “Spaces,” office tools, and a secure web-based phone.

Founded in 2009 by software engineer Dermot Doherty and his wife, Sunne Justice, iSpaces™ is incorporated in Ireland and is a true virtual company with consultants and investors from around the world. iSpaces is a cloud computer — your virtual desktop that runs in WindowsXP, Windows 7, and Linux. Providing a free, multi-desktop cloud computer, iSpaces is fast and offers persistent NonStopWeb™. With minimal effort and time, iSpaces will simplify your digital life.


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