(Gawkwire.com) Colocation America (www.colocationamerica.com, "CLA") recently transformed its web presence and updated its legacy web site with the Adrecom Web Portal CMS Platform (www.adrecom.net). The upgrade gives CLA a cutting edge web solution that improves collaboration among its mobile workforce and enables it to quickly enter new markets.

Although ColocationAmerica.com (CLA) had been expanding its business for over 10 years, its web presence had not kept up with its corporate identity as a premium Internet Service Provider with data centers across the United States. The Adrecom platform, which enables companies to improve legacy web sites and develop a next generation web presence, was an ideal solution for CLA’s requirements.

Through Adrecom’s rapidly deployable multi-user solution and content management system (CMS), CLA now can make immediate changes to web pages, blogs, videos, and other online elements. The Adrecom platform gives CLA complete control over its web strategy, delivers measurable performance efficiencies, and prevents the company’s site from becoming quickly outdated. Moreover, the solution helps CLA avoid the high costs of external webmasters and design firms while bringing critical web maintenance functions in-house.

As Adrecom is upgrading customers to version 7 of its multi-user Ecommerce & Corporate Portal Suite, clients like CLA can easily update outdated and legacy web sites at a lower cost to market. The Ecommerce & Corporate Portal Suite features advanced prebuilt modules and toolsets that are designed to propel businesses in record time to the next level in web site functionality, flexibility, and performance.

"We delayed new web deployments because of the complexity and costs involved in transforming a legacy web site,” noted Sean Jacobs, Director of Marketing at CLA. "With Adrecom, however, we did not get distracted unnecessarily by the fine tuning and adjustments required by less capable and less flexible web solutions. Ultimately, Adrecom helped us completely upgrade our site at lower costs and with fewer headaches,” he added.

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