(Gawkwire) – ColoGuard, New York City’s leading provider of colocation solutions and data center services, announced today Q1 sales numbers show strong demand for roof access from customers who need to transmit or receive data over the airwaves to satellites and other locations across the Tri State area.

ColoGuard is among only a handful of colocation providers that offer clients the opportunity to mount satellite dishes and other antennas on the roof of the data center. Located across the East River from Manhattan, ColoGuard’s 12-story building offers line-of-sight views across New York City and other parts of the New York metropolitan area. In addition, it has an unobstructed view of geosynchronous satellites in the southern sky.

“As they say in real estate, location is everything. ColoGuard is not only one of the few data centers to offer roof rights to its customers, but it also is perfectly located for over-the-air communications,” said Ruben Magurdumov, ColoGuard’s chief operating office and co-founder.

ColoGuard has more than 45,000-square feet of roof space available. Current customers attach satellite dishes, microwave transmitters, TV receivers and other antennas, with direct and secure conduits for cable to the data center below.

Roof access is especially important to companies and organizations that rely on pulling or transmitting video from satellites and then retransmitting it over the Internet. With antennas mounted on the roof, there is almost no latency between the antenna and the server that processes the video data.

Other companies set up antennas for over-the-airwaves communication with buildings throughout metropolitan New York. A microwave relay between ColoGuard and another building is less expensive – and as efficient – as a fiber optic connection. Several ColoGuard customer also use the airwaves as a backup in their disaster recovery plans.

ColoGuard has 40,000 square feet of rooftop available to support everything from single satellite dishes to high-powered multi-directional antenna arrays. Unlike Manhattan data center, ColoGuard’s facility is not surrounded by a canyon of taller buildings. ColoGuard, which owns – and does not lease – its data center also offers quick and hassle-free setup at a price that is unmatched by other local colocation service providers.

For more information on roof rights for antenna colocation, contact ColoGuard’s sales team at 1.800.645.0321.

About ColoGuard

ColoGuard was born out of the increasing need for affordable enterprise colocation solutions. ColoGuard is a privately held managed colocation facility based in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, just minutes from New York City. With a state-of-the-art in-house data center, ColoGuard’s goal is to provide affordable enterprise colocation solutions for companies of all sizes. ColoGuard’s facility offers a diverse network routes via dark fiber, 24/7/365 live technical support and prices and services that are unmatched by competitors.

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