The ConnectLeader® dialing platform now offers the 10 million+ Zoho users a chance to improve their sales productivity with direct integration with Zoho CRM.

The ConnectLeader Team Dialer™ and Personal Dialer™ sales acceleration solutions can help Zoho users increase their personal sales productivity by accelerating the outbound dialing process and conducting more live phone conversations in less time.

The ConnectLeader dialing platform directly integrates with Zoho CRM and does not require users to enter separate login credentials to use the ConnectLeader solution.

“The ConnectLeader dialing platform is a great tool for Zoho CRM users. They can use our web-based dialing software to make more dials in less time, leave pre-recorded voicemail messages, and record activity notes and call results directly in the Zoho CRM application. It’s a great tool to boost sales velocity for sales teams of any size,” says Mark Lynch, Director of Sales and Business Development for ConnectLeader.

ConnectLeader functionality: 

  • Users can import Saved Searches directly in to Connectleader
  • Users can specify what records to update in Zoho CRM with data gathered during the Connectleader dialing process
  • Bi-directionally sync data associated with calling activities
  • Data updates can be made in a seamless fashion and be used to clean up calling lists for subsequent dialing
  • Any field can be mapped and made visible in the ConnectLeader screen during the dialing process for customized workflows and optimized workflows
  • Sales reps have full visibility to contact records prior, during and after every call
  • Monitor calls and “whisper” using Remote Coach feature


About ConnectLeader 
(Gawkwire) – ConnectLeader’s revolutionary dialing platform helps B2B sales organizations improve personal and team sales productivity by reducing non-productive calling tasks. We were the first in the market to offer a single dialing platform, provide full visibility into the dialing process, and provide two-way bi-directional synching with, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite CRM, Zoho and other CRM systems.

Personal Dialer™ is a state-of-the-art cloud based dialing application that helps sales professionals, business owners, and consultants improve their sales productivity while maintaining control of the calling process. Sales reps using Personal Dialer can increase their calling productivity by 50 to 100%.

The Team Dialer™ Live Conversation Automation (LCA) is a sales acceleration solution for anyone making high volumes of outbound calls. Quickly improves productivity for sales prospecting, business development, and lead qualifying. Users can accelerate the sales process by reducing non-productive calling tasks and integrating with sales automation systems. Team Dialer combines state-of-the-art cloud-based software technology with a team of human dialing agents who perform non-productive calling activities like navigating phone trees, gatekeepers, and leaving voice mail messages. Team Dialer’s Live Conversation Automation solution can increase sales reps’ productivity by 8 times.

ConnectLeader, Team Dialer, and Personal Dialer are trademarks of Agileview Software, LLC.

About Zoho 
Zoho is a comprehensive suite of online productivity, collaboration and business applications for businesses of all sizes. Over ten million users rely on Zoho apps. Zoho’s productivity and collaboration applications include Email Hosting, Document Management, Office Suite, Project Management and more alongside a host of business applications ranging from CRM and Campaign Management to Customer Support, Accounting and more. These applications are offered directly via or through hundreds of partners in the Zoho Partner Network. For more information about Zoho, please visit

Zoho is a division of Zoho Corp., a privately-held and profitable company. With U.S. headquarters in Pleasanton, CA and offices in Austin, Chennai, London, Tokyo and Beijing, Zoho Corp. serves the technology needs of millions of customers worldwide. For more information about Zoho Corp., please visit

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