(Gawkwire.com) Cyber Host Pro, a top-rated, UK-based http://www.cyberhostpro.com/reseller-hosting/ [hosting reseller, has opened a new data centre in Manchester, near its existing centre.

The new facilities and new technology have sharply cut expenses for Cyber Host Pro, which they are passing on directly to their customers by way of upgraded and enhanced hosting packages.

“Overall, we’ve more than doubled their resources on our servers,” says Chris Danks, president of Cyber Host Pro. “We’ve doubled the bandwidth and disk space for all our packages, and we now provide more than twice as many databases and sub domains for most packages. Website hosting has never been more economical, especially when you consider the extensive range of new services we provide.”

Those new services include Smartermail 6 Enterprise Edition. This is an industry-leading Webmail interface for managing email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes. It enables drag-and-drop, keyboard shortcuts, pop-up windows, snapping panes, splitters and tab controls. Smartermail also supports full collaboration, with shared calendars, tasks, notes and folders, as well as reminders and alerts.

“Essentially, Smartermail 6 is a viable, lower-cost alternative to Microsoft Exchange, and we are delighted to be offering it,” says Danks.

All of SmarterMail’s features are available using any browser and standard internet access and can synchronise with Microsoft Outlook, Blackberry, iPhone or Windows Phone, using readily available, free tools. Cyber Host Pro also provides an easy-to-use tool for migrating email accounts from other providers, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, Excite, Lycos and others.

Danks says Cyber Host Pro has also expanded its online and phone support to round-the-clock support for customers in the UK, Europe and in the United States. And, Danks notes, his company is also now the UK’s most economical source for domain names, ranging from 5% to more than 30% below prices charged by rivals 123-reg and Ukreg.

Another benefit of the new facility with its faster servers is that Cyber Host Pro now offers an expanded range of website hosting, including VPS and VDS — Virtual Dedicated Server – hosting. With VDS, you enjoy similar flexibility to having a dedicated server, but because one physical server is shared among several users, the costs are dramatically lower.

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