(Gawkwire.com) DedicatedNOW, a leading provider of managed dedicated servers, announced today its 100% uptime core network and power status for the entire year of 2009.
DedicatedNOW maintains a state-of-the-art data center in Clifton, New Jersey, just 12 miles from New York City, with easy access to major backbone providers for optimum network bandwidth. “The success of DedicatedNOW’s 100% uptime in 2009 is due to our investment in data center infrastructure, engineering support, and backbone providers,” said Josh Ewin, Director of Sales and Marketing at DedicatedNOW. “Our multi-homed network is fueled by premium tier 1 carriers such as Sprint, Saavis, Telia, NLayer, Global Crossing, and Level3.”

Additionally, DedicatedNOW uses redundant power systems including an inline power backup, using industry standard Liebert UPS systems and onsite Caterpillar generators with four days of standby fuel. In the event of a power outage, DedicatedNOW’s power management system kicks in the UPS systems and within seconds and the generator is automatically fired up to power the facility. The Liebert UPS systems control and constantly monitor the quality of power so that all equipment receives filtered and clean power for 100% uptime reliability. DedicatedNOW’s engineers also test the UPS and generators weekly to ensure maximum reliability.

“Our facility is safeguarded by redundant Libert CRAC units that are kept at an optimal temperature to ensure hardware and network components are consistently running properly,” said Jason Silverglate, CEO. “And our cooling systems offer an accurate and reliable control of humidity, airflow, and room temperature that improves the working conditions for delicate electronic equipment.”

In the same facility of the Clifton, NJ datacenter, DedicatedNOW also maintains over 5,000 sq ft of corporate office space, including conference rooms, reception area, and space for onsite staff to work seamlessly with the network, hardware, and software.

“DedicatedNOW’s network runs on our own dark fiber ring connecting our two redundant pops in 111 8th NYC and 165 Halsey (Equinix) NJ,” said Silverglate. “Our core consists of Dual Cisco 6509 SUP720-3BXL routers, fully meshed to multiple aggregation switches for maximum uptime.”

Each fiber leg is capable of handling our entire networks traffic in case of a failure. Each leg can be upgraded to provide transport capacities up to 320Gbps, totaling 640Gbps of available transport capacity. “What wins the day however, is the fact that our entire network is redundant, right down to the switch port level,” quipped Ewin.

“The Clifton01A data center guarantees protection of your system through an efficient double pre-action fire suppression system,” said Ewin. “Our fire suppression system incorporates double interlock pre-action dry fire suppression with of heat, flame, smoke and critical detectors placed strategically around the facility..”

DedicatedNOW encourages current and prospective customers to view the data center. Visitors can also test DedicatedNOW’s fast network connection by using visiting http://speed.fortressitx.com/ or using IP address to ping the network.

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